Schools empty in Narok south as clashes disrupt learning

Schools empty in Narok south as clashes disrupt learning

Several schools were deserted as warring communities in Narok South started counting losses following clashes that have left at least three people dead. Victims of the violence took stock on Tuesday, with many having to build their houses from scratch as they were torched in a week of violence between the Kipisigis and Maasai.


Eight Secondary Schools and nine primary schools remained closed while others registered low teacher and pupil numbers despite the return of calm. They kept off for fear of attacks as some were caught in previous attacks. The number of pupils who have stayed at home is estimated to be 5,000. The most affected institutions are Enakishomi, Triangle, Olkaria, Osongoroi, Olorwasi, Ololopangi, Olarakwei, Nkoben, Osotwa, Endebes, Olmosokwa,  Oleseishwa, Olmekenyu, Esimendwa, Oleretwet, Tirita, Ololaiiserr, Entere and Nadupa primary schools.

Only 12 learners were at Oloolaiser, which has a population of 429. On Monday, teachers said that only six pupils had reported. Only one class eight pupils went to school out of the 18 who are to write the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exminations. Five out of the 12 teachers at the school had not reported to work. Class one and Early Childhood Development education centers were empty.


There was nobody at the neighbouring Esemeendwa Primary School whose gates were closed. The case was the same at Ololoipangi, Torokiat, Olshapwn, Olorwasi, Nderen, and Nadupoi primary schools . The affected secondary schools include Enekishomi, OleNkapune Ololoipangi, Oltarakwai, Nkareta, Olpukoti, Olmekenyu and Melelo. “Most secondary school teachers have fled as they fear being attacked. We fear performance in national examinations will be negatively impacted, ” said Mr Charles Ngeno, of the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET). “We fear candidates may not turn up to write the exams in the affected zones if the prevailing situation is not arrested urgently.” Many parents said they lost their personal effects, including their children’s learning materials, when their houses were torched.

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