School closed indefinitely following protests by students

Lugulu Girls High School in Webuye has been shut following protests by students accusing its management of inaction in the wake of defilement claims.

In a text message sent to parents on Tuesday, the school administration advised the parents to expect their daughters home today from 6.30am.

“Your daughter will be coming home tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9, 2020, as from 6.30 am,” it read.

It is not yet clear when the students were released from the facility following yesterday’s drama that left residents in shock over the allegations.

The students stormed out of the school on Tuesday protesting defilement allegations against one of their own, whom they said was repeatedly defiled in a bathroom within the school.

The Form Four students staged their protests along the Webuye-Kitale Highway carrying twigs.

They claimed the incident happened on Saturday morning.

According to students who were interviewed by The Standard, the victim was taking a bath when she was accosted by a man who then defiled her.

They further alleged that there have been rampant cases in the recent past where strangers find their way into the dormitories.

They accused the school administration of failing to take action and threatening to expel anyone who raises such complaints.

“On several occasions, an unknown male sneaked into our hostels and switched off the lights and whenever we raise the matter with the school management, they ignore us,” said one of the students.

Police are probing the matter. According to their reports, the students resorted to protests when the administration failed to take action over the alleged incident.

Bungoma East OCPD Valerian Obore asked the students who witnessed the case to present evidence and witness statements to help in the investigations.

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