RE: Humiliation faced by Teachers under AON Minet Insurance

RE: Humiliation faced by Teachers under AON Minet Insurance


The Senate Standing Committee  on Education  is established  under standing  order 218(3) of the Senate Standing Orders.

The Committee  is mandated to consider all matters related to education and training.

Standing order 4 7 (1) of the Senate Standing  Orders provides  that a Senator may make a Statement  on  a matter  of county-wide,  inter-county,  national,  regional  or  international concern  or a matter  of general topical  concern.  

Further,  standing  order  47  (3) provides that the Speaker may,  where appropriate,  refer a Statement made under standing  order 47 (1) to the relevant Committee  for consideration.

Pursuant   to  this   provision,   at  the   sitting   of  the   Senate  held   on   Wednesday,   30″ September,  2020,   Sen  Rose  Nyamunga,  MP,   made   a  Statement  on  the  matter   of humiliation   faced  by  teachers   covered  under  AON  Minet  Kenya  Medical  Insurance Scheme.

In the Statement, the Senator raised the following  issues-

1)   That  there  is  very  low  capitation  on outpatient  services,  with  some  capped  at as low as Kshs.  900/-, inclusive of doctors’ consultations,  tests and drugs;

2)  That there  are restrictions  on the hospitals  they are allowed  to visit  for treatment, some of which are ill-equipped  and lack qualified personnel;

3)  That  there  are  delays  in  approval,  which  sometimes  can  take  up  to  one  month putting the life of a teacher at risk;

4)  That teachers face challenges  lodging while lodging claims with AON Minet;

5)   That there is limited access due to rigid operating hours in some health  facilities; and

6)  That there are limited dental services, where only tooth extraction is catered for by AON Minet.

The purpose of this letter  is to invite  you to a meeting of the Committee to address the aforementioned issues on Wednesday,  4″ November,  2020 at 9:30am.

The Meeting will be held on the Zoom online meeting platform, and a secure link will be shared with your office ahead of the sitting.

The Committee requests that you submit written responses to the aforementioned  issues on or before Tuesday, 3″ November, 2020 by email, on the address

A copy of the Statement and an extract of the Hansard proceedings  of the sitting are attached for your reference.

Mr. Humphrey Ringera, Research Officer (Cell phone: +254 722 985 682, email:, is the Clerk to this Committee and the officer responsible for facilitating this matter.


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