Principals give reason why Secondary schools will close early

Principals give reason why Secondary schools will close early

Secondary schools could close early after resuming second part of the term two early next week.

The school heads have warned that learning could be halted if the government fails to provide capitation funds.

Speaking during a teachers’ conference in Mombasa on Tuesday, June 27, Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (KESSHA) chairman Kahi Indimuli said the situation was so dire that even buying food for students has become a problem.

“Capitation is the main challenge that we have right now,” said Kahi.

The KESSHA chairperson questioned the government’s financing model of free secondary education which is spread on a 50:30:20 ratio for terms one, two, and three.

He said the government was yet to complete the allocation of Sh22,244 for some of the terms.

“We have not been receiving it because there was a change of model based on the quota system. Most schools are surviving on the mercies of the suppliers who are issuing services to schools and waiting for the money,” he said.

Principals of the secondary schools are meeting in Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Hall, in Mombasa for their 46th KESSHA conference.

They are meeting to discuss education concerns for both Junior Secondary Schools and Senior Secondary Schools in Mombasa.

Prices of food have gone up many schools are buying a 50kg bag of beans at Sh20,000, while a 50kg bag of maize is going for between Sh7,000 and Sh8,000, pushing the cost of students’ upkeep high.

Due to the high cost of living, school suppliers have also issued tough conditions to schools, demanding advance payment before supplying beans and maize, and other essential food items.

Many suppliers are declining to accept cheques over claims that they are being issued with bouncing cheques due to delays in schools receiving funding from the government.

Most schools are broke, and a majority of school heads are frustrated due to the high food prices.

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