Pokot ECDE teachers in panic after county list them as ghost workers

Pokot ECDE teachers in panic after county list them as ghost workers
former Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo issuing employment letters on pnp terms

ECDE teachers in West Pokot county are in panic after newly elected county government listed them as ghost workers.

The county officials have stepped up effort to clean the register of workers in the county and things are not rosy for some ECDE teachers who were already absorbed into the county payroll on permanent terms.

West Pokot Governor, Simon Kachapin, had said in September during the campaign period that his government will clean the county payroll of ghost workers and undeserving ones.

Some of the staff who are facing removal from the county payroll include;

1. Staff on contract whose terms of contract were to end in the month of September 2022. No renewal was to be made.

2. Staff who never underwent the due process of employment as per the job requirements i.e not meeting qualifications. Anyone whose job was not advertised was to be sacked.

3. Staff whose jobs were duplicated. Those who got employed in already filled positions straining the county budget; this included county administrators,

4. Ghost workers – those who are not physically in their workplaces and are earning from home.

5. Adult education teachers – it was said there was no learning going on and that they were all employed as casuals.

6. ECD teachers who do not have the certificates nor proof of continued study. All ECDE caretakers employed in 2014 and did not further their education will be sent packing.

However the county education officials have said they will only deal with those ECDE teachers who are on payroll with no merit and their employment process in question.

In July this year former Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo issued employment letters to 1,300 ECDE teachers.

The teachers were moved from contract basis to permanent and pensionable terms. This was after an uproar from the teachers and a section of other workers who had gone for some months without salary.

Following the purge some teachers say they are being targeted because the county officials want to employ their cronies and family members.

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