P1 teachers set to start Diploma Upgrading amid low enrollment

P1 teachers set to start Diploma Upgrading amid low enrollment

Primary school teachers are set to start their Diploma Upgrading programme in various Teacher Training Colleges (TTC) tomorrow.

A taskforce had recommended both P1 and ECDE teachers to undergo the mandatory training to be at par with the demand of the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). The training of the first cohorts started in October last year.

According to a circular dated 6th October 2022 sent to TTC Principals, only eight TTCs will be used to train the teachers this year due to the low enrollment.

Due to the low number of P1 teachers who have applied for upgrading the Ministry of Education Principal Secretary had ordered placement of students to be merged into eight colleges.

The PS had asked the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) to redistribute the students in the eight colleges as follows;

  1. Murang’a TTC for Meru, Egoji and Kigari TTCs
  2. Machakos TTC for Kitui, Kilimambogo and Garissa TTCs
  3. Kericho TTC for Tambach, Baringo and Mosoriot TTCs
  4. Asumbi TTC for Migori and Kenyenya TTCs
  5. Kaimosi TTC for Eregi, Seme, Bondo, Ugenya, Bunyore, Bishop Mahon and Chesta TTCs
  6. Shanzu TTC for Galana and Kwale TTCs
  7. Aberdare TTC for Narok TTC
  8. Thogoto TTC for Kamwenja TTC

Most PTE teachers are shying away from the programme due to the huge cost of training. Some say they have more responsibilities and cannot afford the upgrading fees.

Others however are still hopeful the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will still employ them despite failing to take the upgrading course.

According to current TSC recruitment score sheet those who will upgrade their certificate to Diploma will be favoured during recruitment.

In the new score sheet, the Commission has awarded 10 marks to teachers who will produce CBC upgrade certificate during recruitment interviews.

TSC also has also unveiled its plan to scrap P1 teacher employment by 2024. In its revised Framework for employment of teachers, the Commission has set Diploma as the minimum for teacher employment in Kenya.

According to various fee structures a P1 teacher is required to pay fee ranging upto 65,000 in public TTCs and 90,000 in private ones besides paying 15,700 for Knec assessment and practicum.

However after KUCCPS started placement of students into TTCs the P1 teachers seeking upgrading will benefit immensely by having a huge amount paid for by the government.

Registration Fees for DPTE Upgrade Programme Assessments by Knec

Assessment Fee Payment BreakdownAmount (Kes)
Basic Fee1,200
Assessment Fee for all Subjects12,000
Practicum Fee2,500
Total Assessment Fees15,700

The first cohorts of P1 Diploma Upgrading students are now out in various primary schools doing their practicum after completing their Knec national assessment.

They will be awarded their certificates after completing their full term teaching practice (TP) besides other key requirements.

In July the Ministry of Education also invited teachers who wished to be considered for admission in TTCs for upgrading from Certificate ECDE and Primary Teacher Education (PTE) to Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE) and Diploma Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) respectively in April next year to apply.

“Duly filled application forms should be submitted to the Sub County Director Education offices from Thursday 28th July 2022 to Thursday 18th August, 2022 by the applicants in person to ease verification of original certificates and testimonials,” read part of the advert in July.

For P1 teachers who want to upgrade from Primary Teacher Education (PTE) to Diploma Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) they must meet the following requirements;   

1. The applicant must possess a valid PTE Certificate

2. The applicant must be registered by the Teachers Service Commission.

3. The duration of the course shall be 1500 Hours.

4. The Course shall be fully residential.

5. The trainee shall take all courses specified in the upgrading programme of Diploma in Primary Teacher Education

6. The trainees shall undertake a Teaching Practicum of 300 Hours.

7. To be awarded the Diploma, the trainee must complete the required hours for Course Work and the stipulated assessment by the Kenya National Examination Council.  

In the CBTEC the professional learning areas have been redone to include new information to align them to competency based curriculum.

The CBTEC expects a primary school teacher to be grounded in all the subjects offered in primary schools, therefore upgrading PTE teacher trainee will be exempted from the subjects they had specialised in and take only those they  did not take in the certificate course.

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) proposed upgrading Programme distributed as follows:

1.  Professional Learning Areas – 414 hours

2.  Content and Pedagogy – 786 hours

3.  Practicum – 300 hours

Total – 1,500 hours

The upgrading programme shall take 4 terms for DPTE. This period will not be extended despite a suggestion by TTC Principals to extend it by six more months.

Graduates for the Upgrading Programme shall be expected to teach all the subjects offered in the area of training.

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