No salary will be slashed, SRC assures ECDE teachers

No salary will be slashed, SRC assures ECDE teachers

The salaries and remuneration commission (SRC) has dismissed a circular circulating purporting to issue new salaries to Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) teachers.

Speaking when she appeared before the Senate Education Committee on Thursday, SRC Chair Lynne Mengich termed the circular as misleading and erroneous.

Mengich, who appeared before the Senator Joe Nyutu-led committee together with Council of Governors Education Committee Chair Dr. Erick Mutai, insisted they cannot review salaries downwards.

“We came to learn about the new salary structure in the media. It is not based on any fact and the SRC structure of 2021 is the one that prevails. No ECDE teacher will have their salary reduced to Ksh.7,000,” Mengich assured.

Kericho Governor Mutai informed the committee that counties have employed approximately 43,874 ECDE teachers.

Mutai, also dismissed the claims that counties would reduce salaries of ECDE teachers.

“I do not know where this new structure came from. No governor will implement the fake letter,” he stated.

Mutai told the committee that Governors take ECDE seriously and that approximately Ksh.10 billion is spent annually in financing the program.

“Critically, the annual budget allocation for the Education function (which mostly combines with gender, youth, labour, ICT, social services) is an estimated Ksh.10,828,076,256. The cost of implementing the scheme of service by far exceeds the total budget allocation for the Education Ministry by Ksh.2,082, 067,231.80, a 16 per cent variance,” Mutai said.

Committee chair Joe Nyutu said his team invited the two to clarify on the matter as it had raised tension among ECDE teachers.

“There were reports that ECDE teachers were going to earn Ksh.7,000 and we thought this was unacceptable,” he said.

Nyutu added that his committee is also fighting to ensure all ECDE teachers are employed on a permanent and pensionable basis.

The Council of Governors however urged the Senate to cost early childhood education and ensure enough funds from National Government are allocated to the function.

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