No house allowance increment for civil servants says SRC

No house allowance increment for civil servants says SRC

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has denied reports that it has increased house and hardship allowances for civil servants.

In a statement, the commission termed the reports as misleading and false.

“SRC would like to take this earliest opportunity to clarify that it has not issued any circular on housing and hardship allowances, or abolished any allowances,” SRC said.

The commission said the public had been misled by and misguided by the reports and in some cases created false expectations and other unintended consequences.

‘The public service and stakeholders are hereby advised to ignore the story including a table that purports to confer rates, and consider the story as grossly false and unfortunate,” SRC said.

A leaked document, which the SRC has denied originated from the commission, had indicated enhanced House allowance for civil servants.

According to the document, Nairobi-based civil servants had been awarded an increase in house allowance.

Those in job group K, for example, would receive Sh16,500 monthly house allowance, up from Sh10,000.

Housing Allowance for Nairobi-based drivers, personal secretaries, cleaners and messengers all in Job Group A was to be Sh3,750 a month up from Sh3,000.


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