National schools to be abolished from next year in new reforms

National schools to be abolished from next year in new reforms

The Presidential Working Party on Education Reform (PWPER) has recommended that the Ministry of Education (MOE) abolishes the current categorization of public secondary schools.

In the recommendations, handed over to President William Ruto on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, the committee led by Professor Raphael Munavu noted that the government should do away with the current four-tier cluster which comprises National, Extra-county, county and sub-county and adopt a categorization based on career pathways.

PWPER recommended that MoE replaces the current tiers with three broad clusters such as STEM, Social Science and Arts, and Sports Science.

“Ministry of Education to discontinue the current organisation of public secondary schools as National, Extra county, county and Sub-county: and adopt a categorization based on career pathways for senior schools,” the statement reads in parts.

The task force also indicated that the scrapping of the clusters would promote inclusivity and equity.

The committee also cited that stakeholders had issued complaints regarding the current categorization claiming that it was unfair to students since it enhanced the uneven distribution of resources to schools.

Further, the Munavu-led committee recommended MoE formulates a framework on dress codes for all levels of education.

PWPER argued that the move will prevent schools from colluding with suppliers to overprice uniforms and force parents to purchase them.

The recommendation comes in line with Trade Cabinet Secretary (CS) Moses Kuria’s remarks on the subject.

Kuria had claimed that schools had turned into business ventures and exploited parents through the sale of expensive uniforms.

“The Ministry of Education has been very categorical that our schools have no business selling uniforms, our teachers need to focus on academia and helping our children to transition to CBC and other objectives that the ministry has set,” he stated noting that parents have the freedom to purchase uniforms wherever they want.

“The ministry has sent a circular and as a matter of fact the ministry will send another circular today that our parents have absolute freedom and discretion on where to buy uniforms,” Kuria stated at the time.


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