Ministry releases list of Covid-19 vaccination centres per Sub County

Ministry releases list of Covid-19 vaccination centres per Sub County

Below is a list of official Covid-19 vaccination centres.

The list is sorted according to the County, Sub County and the Health facility approved for vaccination.

This list is the latest one after government ordered public servants including teachers and Ssecurity forces to get vaccinated.

According to the Head of Public Service any public officer who will fail to get vaccinated by 23rd August will face disciplinary action.

CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
BARINGOBaringo centralBaringo county Referat hospital
BARINGOBaringo NorthKabartonjo sub county hospital
BARINGOBaringo South/marigatMarigat sub county hospital
BARINGOMogotio sub countyMogotio sub county hospital
BARINGOEldama ravine sub countyEldama ravine sub county hospital
BARINGOTiaty west sub countyChemolingot sub county hospital
BOMETBomet EastLongisa CRH
BOMETBomet EastTegat SCH
BOMETBomet CentralBomet H.C
BOMETBomet CentralKapkoros SCH
BOMETBomet CentralTenwek Mission Hospital
BOMETChepalunguSigor SCH
BOMETChepalunguSiongiroi HC
BOMETKonoinMogogosiek HC
BOMETKonoinCheptalal SCH
BOMETSotikSotik HC
BOMETSotikNdanai SCH
BOMETSotikKaplong Mission Hospital
BOMETSotikKipsonoi HC
BUNGOMAKanduyi Bungoma County Referral Hospital
BUNGOMABumula Bumula Subcounty Hospital
BUNGOMAKimilili Kimilili Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMAKabuchai Chwele Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMAMt.Elgon Mt. Elgon Sub-County Hospital 
BUNGOMAWebuye East Sinoko Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMATongaren  Naitiri Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMAMt. Elgon Cheptais Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMASirisia Sirisia Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMAWebuye West Bokoli Sub-County Hospital
BUNGOMAWebuye West Webuye County Hospital
BUNGOMAWebuye West Lugulu Mission Hospital
BUNGOMAKanduyi St. Damiano Mission Hospital
BUNGOMAKanduyi Elgon View Hospital
BUNGOMAKanduyi Bungoma west Hospital
BUNGOMAKanduyi LifeCare Hospital
BUNGOMAKanduyi Fountain Health Care
BUNGOMAKimilili Korry Family Hospital
BUNGOMAKanduyi Khalaba Medical Centre
BUNGOMAKimilili Dreamland medical Centre
BUSIABunyalaPort-Victoria Sub-County Hospital
BUSIABunyalaMukhobola Health Centre
BUSIAButulaKhunyangu Sub-County Hospital
BUSIAButulaBumala B Health Centre
BUSIAMatayosBusia County Referral Hospital
BUSIAMatayosMatayos Health Centre
BUSIANambaleNambale Sub-County Hospital
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
BUSIANambaleLupida Health Centre
BUSIASamiaSio Port Hospital
BUSIASamiaNangina Holy Family
BUSIATeso NorthKocholya Sub-County Hospital
BUSIATeso NorthAng’urai Health Centre
BUSIATeso NorthMalaba Health Centre
BUSIATeso NorthAmukura Hospital
BUSIATeso SouthAlupe Isolation Centre Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo NorthTambach Sub-County Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet WestChebiemit Sub-County Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet WestAIC Kapsowar Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet EastChesoi H/C (Sub-County DVI store)
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet EastTot Sub-County Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo SouthKamwosor Sub-County Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo SouthKocholwo Sub-County Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo SouthKaptarakwa Sub-County Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet WestKapcherop Health Centre
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet WestArror Health Centre
ELGEYO MARAKWETMarakwet EastKapyego Health Centre
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo NorthChegilet Health Centre
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo SouthChepkorio H/C (Sub-County DVI store)
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo NorthIten County Referral Hospital
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo southMuskut Health Center
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo southFlourspar Health Center
ELGEYO MARAKWETKeiyo southBiretwo Health Center
EMBUManyattaEmbu level 5 Hospital
EMBUManyattaKairuri health centre
EMBUManyattaEmbu G.K prison Majimbo
EMBUMbeere SouthEmbu Children’s hospital-Tenri
EMBUMbeere South Imara-Medi plus Hospital
EMBURunyejesKiambere H/C
EMBURunyejesRunyejes subcounty Hospital
EMBURunyejesKianjokoma Health center
EMBURunyejesKarurumo Health Center
EMBURunyejesKyeni- Consolata Hospital
EMBURunyejesKigumo H/C
EMBUMbeere NorthMbeere subcounty Hospital
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
EMBUMbeere NorthIshiara  subcounty Hospital
GARISSAGarissaGarissa County Referral Hospital
GARISSABalambalaBalambala Sub-County Hospital
GARISSAIjaraIjara District Hospital
GARISSAFafiBura District Hospital
GARISSALagderaModogashe District Hospital
GARISSAHulughoHulugo Sub-County Hospital
GARISSADadaabDadaab Sub-County Hospital
GARISSA Ifo Refugee CampIfo Hospital
GARISSADagahley Refugee CampDagahley Hospital
GARISSAHagadera Refugee CampHagadera Hospital
HOMA BAYHoma Bay TownHoma Bay County Teaching & Referral Hospital
HOMA BAYHoma Bay TownMarindi Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYRangweRangwe Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYSuba North (Mbita)Mbita Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYSuba North (Mbita)Ogongo L 4 Hospital
HOMA BAYNdhiwaNdhiwa Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYRachuonyo SouthRachuonyo Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYRachuonyo EastKabondo Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYRachuonyo North (Karachuonyo)Kendu Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYRachuonyo North (Karachuonyo)Kendu Adventist Hospital
HOMA BAYRachuonyo North (Karachuonyo)Kandiege L 4 Hospital
HOMA BAYSuba SouthSuba Sub County Hospital
HOMA BAYSuba SouthMagunga L 4 Hospital
HOMA BAYSuba SouthNyandiwa L.4 Hospital
ISIOLOIsiolo subcountyHospital_isiolo county Referral hospital
KAJIADOKajiado CentralKajiado County Referral Hospital
KAJIADOKajiado CentralIlbisir Health Centre
KAJIADOKajiado CentralNamanga Health Centre
KAJIADOKajiado EastKitengela Sub-County Hospital
KAJIADOKajiado EastMashuru Health Centre
KAJIADOKajiado NorthNgong Sub-County Hospital
KAJIADOKajiado NorthOngata Rongai Sub-County Hospital
KAJIADOKajiado SouthOloitokitok Sub-County Hospital
KAJIADOKajiado SouthMagadi Hospital
KAJIADOKajiado West Oltepesi Dispensary
KAKAMEGALikuyaniLikuyani Sub County Hospital
KAKAMEGALikuyaniKongoni Health Centre
KAKAMEGALikuyaniMatunda Sub County Hospital
KAKAMEGALikuyaniMabusi Health Centre
KAKAMEGALugariLumakanda County Hospital
KAKAMEGALugariMautuma Sub County Hospital
KAKAMEGALugariChekalini Centre
KAKAMEGALugariKoromaiti Health Centre
KAKAMEGALugariMaturu Dispensary
KAKAMEGALugariMatete Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMalavaMalava County Hospital
KAKAMEGAMalavaKuvasali Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMalavaShamberere Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMalavaShivanga Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMalavaChombeli Health Centre
KAKAMEGANavakholoNavakholo Sub County Hospital
KAKAMEGANavakholoBushiri Health Centre
KAKAMEGANavakholoSivilie Health Centre
KAKAMEGANavakholoKharanda Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMumias EastShianda Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMumias EastLusheya Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMumias EastKhaunga Dispensary
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
KAKAMEGAMumias EastMakunga RHDC
KAKAMEGAMumias WestMumias Level 4 Hospital
KAKAMEGAMumias WestBukaya Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMumias WestBungasi Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMatunguMatungu Sub County Hospital
KAKAMEGAMatunguKhalaba Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMatunguLung’anyiro Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMatunguMirere Health Centre
KAKAMEGAMatunguIndangalasia Dispensary
KAKAMEGAButereButere County Hospital
KAKAMEGAButereManyala Sub County Hospital
KAKAMEGAButereImanga Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereShiraha Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereLukohe Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereEshibimbi Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereEshimukoko Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereIranda Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereShikunga Health Centre
KAKAMEGAButereMabole Health Centre
KAKAMEGAKhwiseroKhwisero Model Health Centre
KAKAMEGAKhwiseroMulwanda Health Centre
KAKAMEGAKhwiseroMundoli Health Centre
KAKAMEGAKhwiseroEmutsesa Health Centre
KAKAMEGAKhwiseroEkambuli Health Centre
KAKAMEGAKhwiseroNamasoli Health Centre
KAKAMEGAIkolomaniIguhu County Hospital
KAKAMEGAIkolomaniKilingili Health Centre
KAKAMEGAIkolomaniShibwe Su County Hospital
KAKAMEGAIkolomaniSavane Dispensary
KAKAMEGAShinyaluShinyalu Model Health Centre
KAKAMEGAShinyaluShamakhubu Health Centre
KAKAMEGAShinyaluIleho Health Centre
KAKAMEGAShinyaluShikusa Health Centre
KAKAMEGAShinyaluIkuywa Dispensary
KAKAMEGAShinyaluKambiri Health Centre
KAKAMEGAShinyaluMugomari Dispensary
KAKAMEGALurambiCounty General Hospital
KAKAMEGALurambiGK Prisons (Satelite of CGH)
KAKAMEGALurambiElwesero Model Health Centre
KERICHOAinamoiGK Prisons Dispensary Kericho
KERICHOAinamoiKenegut Dispensary
KERICHOSigowet/SoinKipsitet Dispensary
KERICHOAinamoiAinamoi Health Centre
KERICHOAinamoiManyoror Dispensary
KERICHOKipkelion EastMomoniat Health Centre
KERICHOKipkelion WestKunyak Dispensary
KERICHOBuretiKipwastuiyo Health Centre
KERICHOKipkelion WestMtaragon Health Centre
KERICHOBelgutKabianga Health Centre
KERICHOBelgutKapsoit Dispensary
KERICHOSigowet/SoinKaitui Dispensary
KERICHOSigowet/SoinKiptere Dispensary
KERICHOSigowet/SoinKabutii Matiret
KERICHOBuretiCheborgei Health Centre
KERICHOKipkelion EastKamwingi Dispensary
KERICHOKipkelion EastKedowa Dispensary
KERICHOKipkelion WestMakyolok Dispensary
KERICHOBelgutSeretut Dispensary
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
KIAMBUKikuyuACK Emmanuel Mission Hospital
KIAMBUGithunguriHoly family catholic hospital githunguri
KIAMBUJujaKalimoni Mission Hospital (Juja)
KIAMBUKikuyuKikuyu (PCEA) Hospital
KIAMBULimuruNazareth Hospital
KIAMBULariKijabe (AIC) Hospital
KIAMBUKabeteUthiru Dispensary
KIAMBUKabeteWangige Sub County Hospital
KIAMBUKabeteNyathuna Level 4 Hospital
KIAMBUJujaJkuat Hospital
KIAMBUKiambaaKihara Sub County Hospital
KIAMBUGatundu NorthIgegania Sub-District Hospital
KIAMBUGatundu SouthGatundu District Hospital
KIAMBULariLari Hospital
KIAMBUKikuyuGichuru H centre
KIAMBUJujaGachororo Health centre
KIAMBUGithunguriGithunguri Health centre
KIAMBUGithunguriKigumo Sub County Hospital
KIAMBUThika-townKiandutu H Centre
KIAMBULariKagaa H Centre
KIAMBUKiambaaKaruri  L4 Hospital
KIAMBUGatundu-southSt Jude hospital
KIAMBUGatundu-southKaratu L4 Hosp
KIAMBUKiambu-townKiambu level 5 hospital
KIAMBUThika-townThika level 5 hospital
KIAMBURuiruLangata H Centre
KIAMBURuiruRuiru GK prison
KIAMBULimuruTigoni L 4 hospital
KIAMBUKikuyuLusigett L4 hosp
KIAMBURuiruRuiru L4 hosp.         
KILIFIRabaiRabai Health Centre
KILIFIMagariniGongoni Health Centre
KILIFIKilifi SouthVipingo Health Centre
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga central sub CountyKerugoya county hospital
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga central sub County ACK. Mt. Kenya hospital
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga central Kerugoya medical centre
KIRINYAGA KirinyagaNorth sub countyThiba health centre
KIRINYAGAKirinyagaNorth sub countyMwea mission hospital
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga south sub countyKimbimbi sub county hospital
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga South Sub cuntyMwea medical hospital,
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga East sub county, Kianyaga sub county hospital,.
KIRINYAGAKirinyaga west sub countySagana sub county hospital,
KISIIBomachoge BorabuMisesi Sub county
KISIIBonchariMarble Hospital
KISIINyaribari MasabaMasimba Sub county Hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache NorthGetembe Kenyara Hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthMediforte Hospital Ltd
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthCare and Cure Hosp
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthThe Nairobi Family Hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthOasis Specialist Hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthRam hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthGetembe Hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthBosono Hospital
KISIIKitutu Chache SouthHema Hospital
KISUMUKisumu CentralMigosi Sub County Hospital
KISUMUKisumu CentralKisumu County Referral Hospital
KISUMUKisumu CentralJaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
KISUMUKisumu CentralLumumba Health Centre
KISUMUKisumu CentralAvenue Hospital Kisumu
KISUMUKisumu CentralAga Khan Hospital (Kisumu)
KISUMUKisumu CentralNightingale Milimani Hospital
KISUMUKisumu EastGita Sub-county Hospital
KISUMUKisumu EastSt. Elizabeth chiga
KISUMUKisumu Eastst monica hospital
KISUMUKisumu WestNyahera Sub-County Hospital
KISUMUKisumu WestChulaimbo County Hospital
KISUMUKisumu WestOber Kamoth Sub county Hospital
KISUMUKisumu WestMaseno Mission
KISUMUKisumu WestSt. Jairus
KISUMUMuhoroniMuhoroni County Hospital
KISUMUMuhoroniNyang’oma Sub County Hospital
KISUMUMuhoroniMasogo Sub County Hospital
KISUMUMuhoroniKoru Mission
KISUMUMuhoroniSt. vincent depaul
KISUMUNyakachNyakach County Hospital
KISUMUNyakachKatito Sub County Hospital
KISUMUNyakachSondu Sub County Hospital
KISUMUNyakachNyamarimba Sub County Hospital
KISUMUNyakachNyabondo Mission
KISUMUNyandoAhero County Hospital
KISUMUNyandoNyangande Sub-County Hospital
KISUMUNyandoRabuor Sub-county Hospital
KISUMUNyandoAwasi Mission Hospital
KISUMUSemeKombewa County Hospital
KISUMUSemeMiranga Sub District Hospital
KISUMUSemeManyuanda Health Centre
KISUMUSeme Kolenyo 
KITUIKitui CentralNeema Hospital Ltd. Annex
KITUIKitui CentralThe Kitui Family Care Hospital
KITUIKitui EastZombe Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui CentralKatulani Sub County Hospital (Kitui)
KITUIKitui SouthMutomo Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui EastMutitu Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui WestMuthale Mission Hospital
KITUIMwingi WestMigwani Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui CentralKitui County Referral Hospital
KITUIKitui CentralJordan Hospital
KITUIKitui SouthOur Lady of Lourdes Mutomo Hospital
KITUIKitui WestKauwi Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui SouthIkanga Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui SouthIkutha Sub County Hospital
KITUIMwingi NorthKyuso Sub County Hospital
KITUIMwingi CentralMwingi Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui RuralKanyangi Sub County Hospital
KITUIKitui CentralNeema Hospital
KITUIMwingi NorthTseikuru Sub County Hospital
KITUIMwingi CentralNuu Sub County Hospital
KWALEMsambweniMsambweni County referral hospital
KWALEMsambweniKinondo hospital
KWALEMsambweniDiani Beach hospital
KWALELungalungaLungalunga Hospital
KWALEMatugaKwale Hospital
KWALEKinangoKinago  Hospital
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
KWALEKinangoSamburu Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestNyahururu Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestRumuruti SC Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestNdindika SC Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestOlmoran HC
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestNg’arua HC
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestSalama HC
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestSt. Benedict Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia WestSipili HC
LAIKIPIALaikipia EastNanyuki Hospital (Registered)
LAIKIPIALaikipia EastLamuria SC Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia EastKalalu Dispensary
LAIKIPIALaikipia EastWiyumiririe Dispensary
LAIKIPIALaikipia EastCottage Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia NorthDoldol SC Hospital
LAIKIPIALaikipia NorthKimanjo Dispensary
LAMULamu WestMpeketoni Hospital
LAMULamu WestLamu Hospital
LAMULamu WestMokowe Health Centre
LAMULamu WestHindi Magogoni Dispensary
LAMULamu WestWitu Health Centre
LAMULamu EastFaza Hospital
MACHAKOS KathianiKathiani L4 Hospital
MACHAKOS KathianiKaviani Health Centre
MACHAKOS Kathiani Ithaeni Dispensary
MACHAKOS KathianiMutitu dispensary
MACHAKOS KathianiMitaboni Health Centre
MACHAKOSYattaMatuu L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSYattaKatangi Health Center
MACHAKOSYattaKisikii Dispensary
MACHAKOSYattaIkombe Dispensary
MACHAKOSYattaKithimani Dispensary
MACHAKOSMatunguluKimiti L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSMatunguluSengani Community Hospital
MACHAKOSMatunguluMatungulu Health Centre
MACHAKOSMatunguluNguluni Health Centre
MACHAKOSMatunguluKyeleni Health Centre
MACHAKOSMatunguluDonyo Sabuk Dispensary
MACHAKOSKalamaKalama L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSKalamaMuumandu Health Centre
MACHAKOSKalamaKola Health Centre
MACHAKOSKangundoKangundo L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSKangundoKakuyuni Health Centre
MACHAKOSKangundoKivaani Health Centre
MACHAKOSKangundoNdunduni Dispensary
MACHAKOSKangundoMukunike Community Hospital
MACHAKOSMavokoMavoko L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSMavokoKinanie Health Centre 
MACHAKOSMavokoMlolongo Health Centre 
MACHAKOSMavokoKyumbi Health Centre 
MACHAKOSMavokoKatani Dispensary
MACHAKOSMachakosMachakos L5 Hospital
MACHAKOSMachakosMutituni L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSMachakosBishop Kioko Catholic Hosp.
MACHAKOSMachakosIkulu Dispensary
MACHAKOSMachakosMua Dispensary  
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
MACHAKOSMachakosApproved Dispensary
MACHAKOSMwalaMwala L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSMwalaMasii Health Centre
MACHAKOSMwalaKatulani Health Centre
MACHAKOSMwalaWamunyu Health Centre
MACHAKOSMwalaMbiuni Health Centre
MACHAKOSMwalaMuthetheni Health Centre
MACHAKOSMasingaMasinga L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSMasingaNdithini L4 Hospital
MACHAKOSMasingaMananja Health Centre
MACHAKOSMasingaKithyoko Health Centre
MACHAKOSMasingaKangonde Health Centre
MACHAKOSMasingaEkalakala Health Centre
MACHAKOSMasingaKathukini Dispensary
MAKUENIMakueniMutyambua Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIKaitiMukuyuni Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIMbooniTawa Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIMakueniMatiliku Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIKibwezi WestMakindu Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIMbooniMbooni Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIMbooniKisau Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIKilomeSultan Hamud Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
MAKUENIMakueniMakueni County Referral Hospital (Level V)
MAKUENIKibwezi EastKibwezi Subcounty Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIKibwezi EastKambu Subcounty Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIKibwezi EastMtito Andei Subcounty Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIKaitiKilungu Subcounty Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIKaitiKikoko Mission Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIMakueniRalpha Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIMakueniRoyal Star Hospital (IV)
MAKUENIKibwezi WestKilome Nursing Home (IV)
MAKUENIKibwezi WestMulatya Memorial Hospital (IV)
MANDERAMandera EastMandera county referral Hospital
MANDERAMandera EastEast sub county hospital
MANDERAMandera NorthMandera North sub county hospital
MANDERAMandera SouthMandera South sub county hospital
MANDERAMandera WestMandera West sub county hospital
MANDERAKutuloKutulo sub county hospital
MANDERABanisaBanisa sub county  hospital
MANDERALlafeyLlafey sub county hospital
MARSABITSakuMarsabit county referral hospital
MARSABITSakuISMC hospital                                  
MARSABITMoyaleMoyale subcounty referral hospital
MARSABITMoyalemission hospital                                      
MARSABITNorthhorrKalacha subcounty hospital                   
MARSABITLaisamisLaisamis subcounty referral hospital
MARSABITLaisamisLaisamis mission hospital 
MERUBuuriTimau SC Hospital
MERUBuuriSt.Theresa Miss. Hosp, Kiirua
MERUIgembe CentralKangeta  SC Hospital
MERUIgembe NorthMutuati SC Hospital
MERUIgembe SouthNyambene SC Hospital
MERUIgembe SouthMaua Methodist Hospital
MERUImenti CentralGithongo SC Hospital
MERUImenti CentralCottolengo Miss. Hospital
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
MERUImenti NorthMeru County Hospital
MERUImenti NorthGiaki SC Hospital
MERUImenti  SouthKanyakine SC Hospital
MERUImenti  SouthConsolata Miss. Hospital
MERUImenti  SouthMikumbune SC Hospita
MERUImenti  SouthKinoro SC Hospital
MERUImenti  SouthSt Ann Miss. Hospital
MERUTigania EastMuthara SC Hospital
MERUTigania EastSt. John of God Miss. Hospital
MERUTigania EastMikinduri SC Hospital
MERUTigania WestMiathene SC Hospital
MERUTigania WestMbeu SC Hospital
MIGORISuna East Migori County Referral Hospital 
MIGORIUriri Uriri Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIUriri Oyani Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIUriri Othoro Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIAwendo Awendo Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIRONGO Rongo Sub-County Hospital
MIGORISuna West Nyamaraga Sub-County Hospital
MIGORINyatike Macalder Sub-County Hospital
MIGORINyatike  Karungu Sub-County Hospital
MIGORINyatike Muhuru Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIKuria West Isebania Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIKuria West Kehancha Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIKuria East Kegonga Sub-County Hospital
MIGORIKuria East Ntimaru Sub-County Hospital
MIGORISuna East St. Joseph’s Mission
MIGORINyatike St. Camillus Sori
MIGORINyatike Sori Lakeside Hospital 
MIGORIAwendo  Rapcom Hospital 
MIGORIRongo  Royal Hospital
MIGORISuna West Akidiva Memorial Hospital
MIGORIKuria West Samjomen Hospital
MIGORIRongo Lwala Community Hospital
MIGORIAwendo Ulanda mission hospital
MIGORISuna West Pastor Machaje Hospital
MIGORISuna East Enokhan Hospital
MIGORISuna EastNyarongi Dispensary
MOMBASAMvitaCoast General Teaching and Referal Hospiital
MOMBASAChangamwePortreitz Sub County Hospital
MOMBASAMvitaTudor Sub County Hospital
MOMBASALikoniLikoni Sub County Hospital
MOMBASAMvitaAga Hkan Hospital Mombasa
MOMBASAMvitaPandya Memorial Hospital
MOMBASAMvitaMombasa Hospital
MOMBASANyaliPremiere Hospital
MOMBASAKisauniJocham Hospital
MOMBASAMvitaKaderbuoy Dispensary
MOMBASAKisauniShimo La Tewa Main Health Centre
MOMBASAMvitaSeiffee Hospital
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
MURANG’AKiharuMurang’a County Referral Hospital
MURANG’AKiharuMuriranjas Sub County Hospital
MURANG’AKiharuFamily Heritage  Hospital
MURANG’AKangemaKangema Sub County Hospital
MURANG’AMurang’a SouthMaragua Sub County Hospital
MURANG’AMurang’a SouthKenol Hospital
MURANG’AGatangaKirwara Sub County Hospital
MURANG’AKandaraKandara Sub County Hospital
MURANG’AKandaraGithumu Hospital
MURANG’AKandaraGaichanjiru Hospital
MURANG’AKigumoKigumo Sub County Hospital
MURANG’AMathioyaKiria-ini Mission Hospital
MURANG’AMathioyaNyakianga Health Centre
MURANG’AGatangaIthanga Health Centre
NAIROBIDagorettiKenyatta National Hospital
NAIROBILang’ataLang’ata H/C
NAIROBILang’ataNairobi South Hospital
NAIROBILang’ataNairobi West Hospital
NAIROBILang’ataKaren Hospital
NAIROBILang’ataSt. Mary Mission Hospital
NAIROBIKibra Mbagathi Hospital
NAIROBIWestlandsWestlands H/C
NAIROBIWestlandsMediheal Hospial
NAIROBIWestlandsAgakhan Hospital
NAIROBIWestlandsMP Shah Hospital
NAIROBIWestlandsAvenue Hospital
NAIROBIWestlandsGertrudes Hospital
NAIROBIWestlandsKangemi H/C
NAIROBIKasaraniKasarani H/C
NAIROBIKasaraniRuai Family Hospital
NAIROBIKasaraniSt. Francis Hospital
NAIROBIKamukunjiEastleigh Hospital
NAIROBIKamukunjiShauri Moyo H/C
NAIROBIKamukunjiJoy Nursing Home
NAIROBIKamukunjiPumwani Hospital
NAIROBIStareheRemand Health Centre
NAIROBIStareheNgara H/C
NAIROBIStareheGuru  Nanak
NAIROBIStareheMathare Teachung and referral Hospital
NAIROBIStareheMater Hospital
NAIROBIMathareHuruma Lions H/C
NAIROBIDagoretti NorthNairobi Hospital
NAIROBIDagoretti NorthNairobi Women Hurlingham
NAIROBIDagoretti NorthUniversity of Nairobi
NAIROBIDagoretti NorthMedanta
NAIROBIDagoretti NorthRiruta H/C
NAIROBIDagoretti NorthCoptic Hospital
NAIROBIDagoretti SouthWaithaka H/C
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
NAIROBIDagoretti SouthMutuini Sub-District Hospital
NAIROBIRoysambuKahawa H/C
NAIROBIRuarakaMathare North H/C
NAIROBIRuarakaBaba Dogo H/C
NAIROBIRuarakaKU Referral Hospital
NAIROBIRuarakaUhai Neema Hospital
NAIROBIMakadaraMakadara H/C
NAIROBIMakadaraLunga Lunga H/C
NAIROBIMakadaraJamaa Hospital
NAIROBIEmbakasi SouthMukuru H/C
NAIROBIEmbakasi EastEmbakasi H/C
NAIROBIEmbakasi EastJKIA Port Health
NAIROBIEmbakasi EastKomarock Modern
NAIROBIEmbakasi EastUmoja H/C
NAIROBIEmbakasi WestMama Lucy Kibaki Hospital
NAIROBIEmbakasi CentralKayole 2 H/C
NAIROBIEmbakasi NorthDandora 1 HC
NAKURUNakuru NorthBahati District Hospital
NAKURUNakuru NorthEngashura
NAKURURongaiRongai H/C
NAKURURongaiSoin sub county hospital
NAKURUGilgilSt. Joseph RiftValley Hospital
NAKURUGilgilNYS Gilgil
NAKURUGilgilGilgil Sub County Hospital
NAKURUGilgilAnti Stock Theft Unit
NAKURUNakuru EastMirugi Kariuki Sub County Hospital
NAKURUNakuru EastBondeni  CLINIC
NAKURUNakuru EastLanga Langa Hospital
NAKURUNakuru EastNakuru Nursing Home
NAKURUNakuru EastNairobi Women hospital – Nakuru CBD
NAKURUNakuru EastOptimum Current Health Care Hospital
NAKURUNakuru EastMercy Mission Hospital – Annex Nakuru
NAKURUNakuru EastMediheal Hospital Nakuru
NAKURUNakuru EastValley Hospital
NAKURUNakuru EastSt,Elizabeth
NAKURUNakuru EastBaraka Maternity Home
NAKURUNakuru EastNakuru specialist hosp
NAKURUSubukiaKabazi Sub County Hospital
NAKURUSubukiaUpper Solai
NAKURUSubukiaSubukia Sub County Hospital
NAKURUNaivashaNaivasha District Hospital
NAKURUNaivashaprisons annex
NAKURUNaivashaNYS Naivasha
NAKURUNaivashaThe Karen Hospital Limited(Naivasha)
NAKURUNaivashaPolyclinic Hospital
NAKURUNakuru WestKMTC Nakuru
NAKURUNakuru WestSunrise Evans Hospital
NAKURUNakuru WestNakuru War Memorial Hospital
NAKURUNakuru WestNakuru Provincial General Hospital
NAKURUNakuru westJoyellen
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
NAKURUNakuru WestAnnex Hospital (Nakuru)
NAKURUKuresoi SouthOlenguruone Sub-District Hospital
NAKURUKuresoi SouthKeringet  Sub County Hospital
NAKURUKuresoi SouthKiptagich h/c
NAKURUMoloElburgon Sub-District Hospital
NAKURUMoloMarishoni H/C
NAKURUMoloMolo District Hospital
NAKURUNjoroNjoro Subcounty Hospital
NAKURUNjoroEgerton University
NAKURUNjoroNewpoint health services
NAKURUNjoroMau Narok
NAKURUKuresoi NorthKuresoi H/C
NAKURUKuresoi NorthST .joseph hosp,Molo
NAKURUKuresoi NorthKamwaura
NAKURUKuresoi NorthTotal Disp
NANDIEmgwen SubcountyKapsabet County Referral Hospita;
NANDINandi Hills SubcountyNandi Hills Hospital
NANDIAldai SubcountyKaptumo Sub County  Hospital
NANDITindiret Sub countyMeteitei Hospital
NANDIChesumei SubcountyMosoriot Sub county Hospital
NANDIMosop subcountyKabiyet Sub county Hospital
NANDIMosop subcountyChepterwai Subcounty Hospital
NAROKNarok NorthNarok County Referral  Hospital
NAROKTrans Mara WestTrans Mara West Sub County Hospital
NYAMIRAMangaManga District Hospital
NYAMIRAMangaHolsoms Nursing Home
NYAMIRAMangaNyangena Sub District Hospital (Manga)
NYAMIRAMangaGetare Health Centre
NYAMIRANyamira SouthNyamira County Refferal Hospital
NYAMIRANyamira SouthOasis Maternity and Nursing Home
NYAMIRANyamira SouthKinara Hospital
NYAMIRANyamira SouthTing’a Health Centre
NYAMIRANyamira SouthNyamaiya Health Centre
NYAMIRANyamira SouthNyamusi Sub-District Hospital
NYAMIRANyamira SouthEkerenyo Sub-District Hospital
NYAMIRANyamira SouthMagwagwa Health Centre
NYAMIRAMasaba North Esani Sub-District Hospital
NYAMIRAMasaba North Gesima Sub-County Hospital
NYAMIRAMasaba North Masaba District Hospital
NYAMIRAMasaba North Magombo Health Centre
NYAMIRABorabuKijauri Sub County Hospital
NYAMIRABorabuNyansiongo Nursing Home
NYAMIRABorabuAmatierio Health Centre
NYAMIRABorabuSt. Joseph Nyansiongo Health Centre
NYAMIRABorabuKineni Dispensary
NYANDARUAKinangopJM Kariuki County Referral Hospital
NYANDARUAKinangopEngineer County Hospital
NYANDARUAOlkalouNorth Kinangop Catholic Hospital
NYANDARUAKinangopThe Pine Hospital
NYANDARUAKinangopBamboo Health Centre
NYANDARUAKinangopMurungaru Health Centre
NYANDARUAKipipiriNjabini Health Centre
NYANDARUAKipipiriManunga Health Centre
NYANDARUAOlkalouGeta Bush Health Centre
NYANDARUAOlkalouMirangineHealth Centre
NYANDARUAOljororokNgorika Health Centre
NYANDARUAOljororokKasuku Health Centre
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
NYANDARUANdaragwaNgano Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaNdaragwa Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaShamata Health Centre
NYANDARUAOljoroorokBaari Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaChamuka Dispensary
NYANDARUAOljoroorokLeshauPondo Health centre
NYANDARUAKipipiriSilibwet Health Centre
NYANDARUAKipipiriWanjohi Health Centre
NYANDARUAKinangopOld Mawingu Health Centre
NYANDARUAKinangopKarangatha Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaHeni Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaSubuku Health centre
NYANDARUAKinangopKahembe Health Centre
NYANDARUAOlkalouWeru Health Centre
NYANDARUAKipipiriKaimbaga Health Centre
NYANDARUAOljoroorokTurasha Dispensary
NYANDARUANdaragwaGatimu Health centre
NYANDARUAKipipiriKianjogu Dispensary
NYANDARUAOlkalouNdemi Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaNew Mawingu Health Centre
NYANDARUANdaragwaKiriogo Dispensary
NYANDARUANdaragwaKirima Dispensary
NYANDARUANdaragwaNdivai Dispensary
NYANDARUAKipipiriKamiruri Dispensary
NYANDARUAKinangopKiambogo Dispensary
NYANDARUAOlkalouNdunyu njeru Dispensary
NYANDARUAKinangopKaptain Dispensary
NYANDARUAKinangopNandarasi Dispensary
NYANDARUAOljororokHaraka Dispensary
NYANDARUAKinangopOlbolosat Dispensary
NYANDARUAKinangopMikaro Dispensary
NYANDARUANdaragwaRwanyambo Dispensary
NYANDARUANdaragwaMbuyu Dispensary
NYERIMathira EastJamii Hospital
NYERIKieni WestMary Immaculate Hospital
NYERINyeri CentralConsolata Mathari hosp
NYERINyeri CentralOutspan Hospital
NYERINyeri CentralMt Kenya hosp
NYERINyeri CentralKiganjo Health centre
NYERINyeri CentralNyeri Town Health Centre
NYERINyeri SouthOthaya level 6 hosp
NYERINyeri SouthOthaya level IV hosp
NYERINyeri SouthGichiche HC
NYERIKieni EastNarumoru health centre
NYERIKieni East Island Farm HC
NYERIKieni EastWarazo HC
NYERIKieni EastKaremeno HC
NYERIKieni WestMweiga health centre
NYERIKieni WestBellevue Health Centre
NYERIKieni WestEndarasha HC
NYERIMathira EastKaratina hosp
NYERIMathira EastKarindundu Dispessry
NYERIMathira West PCEA Tumutumu hosp
NYERIMathira WestNgorano Health Centre
NYERIMathira WestKaiyaba Dispensary
NYERIMukurweiniMukurweini hosp
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
NYERIMukurweiniMweru Health Centre
NYERIMukurweiniThangathi HC
NYERITetuWamagana Health Centre
NYERITetu Ihururu HC
NYERITetuGichira HC
SAMBURUSamburu centralSamburu county referral hospital
SAMBURUSamburu NorthBaragoi Sub county hospital,
SAMBURUSamburu EastWamba Health Center
SAMBURUSamburu EastArchers Post Sub county Hospital
SIAYA COUNTY  Alego Usonga sub CountySiaya ounty Referral Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYBondo Sub CountyBondo Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYGem Sub CountyYala Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTY Rarieda Sub CountyMadiany Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTY Ugunja Sub CountyAmbira- Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYUgenya Sub CountyUkwala  Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYUgunja  Sub CountySigomere  Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTY Alego Usonga Sub CountyRwambwa Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTY Bondo Sub CountyGot Agulu Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYBonds Sub CountyUyawi Sub County Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYRarieda Sub CountyLwak Mission H/C
SIAYA COUNTY Gem Sub CountySagam Hospital
SIAYA COUNTYGem Sub County Inuka hospital
TAITA TAVETAVoiMoi County Refferral Hospotal
TAITA TAVETAMwatateMwatate Sub County Hoapital
TAITA TAVETATaita/WundanyiWesu Sub County  Hospital
TAITA TAVETATavetaTaveta Sub County Hospital
TAITA TAVETATaita WundanyiWundanyi  Health Centre
TANA RIVER COUNTYTana Delta sub CountyNgao sub county hospital
TANA RIVER COUNTYHola county Referral HospitalGalole Sub County
TANA RIVER COUNTYTana North sub countyBura Sub County hospital
THARAKA NITHIChukaChuka county referral hospital
THARAKA NITHIIgambang’ombeKomarock Morden Hospital
THARAKA NITHIIgambang’ombeKajuki Hospital
THARAKA NITHITharaka SouthMarimanti Hospital
THARAKA NITHITharaka SouthKibung’a Hospital
THARAKA NITHITharaka southSt. Orsola Hospital
THARAKA NITHIMwimbiPCEA Chogoria hospital
THARAKA NITHIMwimbiMagutuni Hospital
THARAKA NITHITharaka NorthGatunga Model Health centre
THARAKA NITHIMuthambiMuthambi Health Centre
TRANS NZOIASaboti subcountySaboti subcounty hosp
TRANS NZOIAEndebbess subcountEndebbess subcounty hospital
TRANS NZOIAKiminini subcountyMatunda subcounty hospital
TRANS NZOIAkwanza subcountyKwanza subcounty hospital
TRANS NZOIAcherangany SubcountyKapsara subcounty hospital
TRANS NZOIACherangany SubcountyCherangany Subcounty hospital
TRANS NZOIAKiminini subcountyKitale County referral hospital
TRANS NZOIASaboti SubcountyGK farm prison health center
TRANS NZOIASaboti SubcountyBondeni health center
TRANS NZOIASaboti SubcountyLukhome health center
TRANS NZOIAcherangany SubcountyKaplamai health center
TRANS NZOIASaboti SubcountyTom mboya health center
TRANS NZOIAKiminini subcountyMt. Elgon hospital
CountySub-CountyHealth Facility Name
TURKANATurkana CentralLodwar County Referral Hospital
TURKANATurkana CentralKanamkemer Sub County Hospital
TURKANALoimaLorugum Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana WestAmmusait General Hospital
TURKANATurkana WestKakuma Mission Hospital
TURKANATurkana WestKakuma Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana WestLopiding Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana NorthLokitaung Sub County Hospital
TURKANAKibishKaikor Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana WestLokichar Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana SouthKatilu Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana EastLokori Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana EastElelea Sub County Hospital
TURKANATurkana EastKapedo Sub County Hospital
UASIN GISHUAinabkoi Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
UASIN GISHUAinabkoiEldoret Hospital
UASIN GISHUAinabkoiMediheal Hospital
UASIN GISHUAinabkoiKapsoya Health Centre
UASIN GISHUTurboHuruma Sub-County Hospital
UASIN GISHUTurboTurbo Sub-County Hospital
UASIN GISHUSoyMoi’s Bridge Health Centre
UASIN GISHUSoyZiwa Sub-County Hospital
UASIN GISHUAinabkoiBurnt Forest Sub-County Hospital
UASIN GISHUMoibenMoiben Sub-County Hospital
UASIN GISHUMoibenKimumu Dispensary
UASIN GISHUMoibenUasin Gishu District Hospital
UASIN GISHUKapseretKapteldon Sub-County Hospital
UASIN GISHUKapseretKaplelach Chepyakwai Hospital
UASIN GISHUKessesChepkigen Dispensary
UASIN GISHUKessesKesses Sub-County Hospital
VIHIGAVihigaVihiga County Referral Hospital
VIHIGAHamisiHamisi Sub-County Hospital
VIHIGAHamisiJumuiya Hospital Kaimosi
VIHIGAEmuhayaEmusire Health Centre
VIHIGALuandaEmuhaya Sub-County Hospital
VIHIGALuandaCoptic Nursing Home Maseno
VIHIGASabatiaSabatia health Centre
VIHIGASabatiaItando Nursing Home
WAJIRWajirWajir referral hospital
WAJIRWajir South sub countyWajir South sub county hospital
WAJIRWajir North sub countyWajir North sub county hospital
WAJIRWajir west sub countyWajir west sub county hospital
WAJIRTarbaj sub countyTarbaj sub county hospital
WAJIREldasSub countyEldas. Sub county hospital
WEST POKOTPokot SouthKapenguria county referral hospital
WEST POKOTPokot NorthKacheliba subcounty hospital
WEST POKOTPokot SouthChepareria sub county hospital
WEST POKOTPokot SouthOrtum mission hospital
WEST POKOTpokot centralSigor sub county hospital
WEST POKOTPokot SouthKabichbich Health Centre
WEST POKOTPokot NorthAlale Health Centre
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