Ministry of education initiates crisis talks over rejected degree courses

Ministry of education initiates crisis talks over rejected degree courses

Top Ministry of Education officials yesterday held crisis meetings to resolve the controversy over unapproved courses in universities.The Standard established that the Commission for University Education (CUE) – which approves all academic programmes – was at pains to explain why it rejected more than 130 programmes that has caused panic.

It is understood that CUE officials sought to explain the mess in a morning meeting, chaired by Higher Education Principal Secretary Collette Suda at Jogoo House.

After the highly-charged meeting, commission chairperson Chacha Nyaigoti held a second crisis meeting at his office.

Proper document

A scheduled press conference called by CUE to clarify the fate of the courses was cancelled at the last minute, pointing at the magnitude of the crisis.“We have had a board meeting and proceedings are still being prepared. I will engage you after confirming the resolutions,” said Prof Chacha at the commission’s boardroom.

He said the proper document CUE intended to issue to the Press was not ready, prompting cancellation of the press briefing.

“We will engage you in the course of time. Just be on standby. We have an unfinished business that we need to clarify formally and in a nutshell, this means our press conference as earlier planned is not taking place,” said Chacha. Commission Chief Executive Officer Mwendwa Ntarangwi was present at the boardroom.

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