Ministry circular; Opening of junior secondary bank account

Ministry circular; Opening of junior secondary bank account

Ref No. : MOE.HQS/3/7/31 vol. 1 (31)
Date: 16th February, 2023
Headteachers (Public Primary Schools)
County Director of Education

Junior Secondary School is part of Basic Education and will be fully funded by Government through Learners Capitation Grant disbursed by the Ministry of Education.

The Grants are deposited directly to schools’ bank accounts. Guidelines for implementation of junior secondary school have recommended the following bank accounts:

i. Tuition Capitation
ii. Operation Capitation Fund
iii. School Fund Account — for boarding facilities, lunch and transport programs

Head teachers of Primary Schools hosting Junior Secondary Schools are required to open the listed bank accounts with commercial banks to facilitate disbursement of funds.

In addition, the bank details should be uploaded to NEMIS account of the Junior Secondary School. Submission of bank details through sms, printed copies, emails or any other non-prescribed format will not be acceptable.
Schools seeking to open bank accounts with financial institution should obtain written consent from Sub-County Director of Education within their jurisdiction.

In addition, nominated signatories to the accounts must adhere to Guidelines for implementation of junior secondary school.

The Regional Directors of Education, County Directors of Education and Sub-County Directors of Education are expected to ensure that all public primary schools within their jurisdiction have expedited the aforementioned.

Copies of minutes of meetings, and other documents related to opening of bank accounts for junior secondary schools should be retained at school and at Sub County Education Office for reference.

Dr. Belio R. Kipsang, CBS


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