Lugulu girls high school students strike, protest over rape incident

Lugulu girls high school students strike, protest over rape incident

Form Four students from Lugulu Girls High School in Webuye, Bungoma on Tuesday, December 8 stormed out of the institution in protesting over an attempted rape incident.

The students staged their protests along the Webuye-Kitale highway carrying twigs with their strike after an incident where a form 4 student who was in a bathroom and a rapist is said to have attempted to rape her before she screamed and raised alarm that made him run.

According to a police report, the school experienced unrest on Monday night as the KCSE candidates demanded to be addressed by the Ministry of Education officials.

The incident was reported by the school principal Dina Cheruiyot with a Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer visiting the school.

The officer established that one of the students alleged that an unknown male person attempted to defile her, but she raised alarm making the suspect flee.

According to the police report, the school administration was informed about the incident but little action was taken leading to the protests on Tuesday.

No damages were reported in the school as the students stormed out of the institution.

Some of the students who spoke to the media after storming out of the school claimed that the school principal was taking time in the case against the alleged attempted rape incident. 

During the strike, the students failed to observe social distancing increasing the risk of a possible spread of Covid-19. Only a few of them appeared to wear their masks correctly. 

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