List of 25 recommendations of the Education Taskforce

List of 25 recommendations of the Education Taskforce

Recommendations of the Presidential Working Party on Education Reforms (PWPER)
1) Grade 7 and 8 to be in primary schools.

2) Primary school teachers holding Diplomas and Degree and senior teachers in primary to teach grade 7 and 8.

3) Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 to be in secondary schools.

4) Colleges to offer Diploma and Certificate courses. Universities to offer only Degree courses.

5) All schools to be funded to be able to cater for the two pathways in Grade 11.

6) Schools to teach with what they have. No parent should be asked to buy any item. If the items needed for that topic arenโ€™t available, the topic to be rescheduled and be taught later.

7) CBC assessment modalities to be changed. School Based Assessment to carry 20% while that of KNEC to carry 80%.
8) Teachers to assess learners with due respect to their religious faiths.

9) Teacher Professional Documents to be reduced.

10) TSC to put a hold on TPD but instead use every holiday to train teachers on CBC.

11) KPSEA to be a written exam with Insha and Composition.

12) School Based Assessment to be conducted by external invigilators and results uploaded by the sub county KNEC offices.
13) KNEC to be renamed and its services to be devolve by having Sub county KNEC offices.

14) Boarding schools to be abolished except in ASAL areas.

15) All schools to be of mixed gender.
16) Lowest entry grade for teaching courses to be reviewed. Primary: B- and Secondary B+.

17) Teachersโ€™ pay: lowest Job group to be paid Basic Salary of 35,000.
C2 to start at 70,000.

18) House Allowance to be uniform. 25000 despite where one works.

19) Children of teachers to be exempted from paying fees in all public schools.

20) All schools to have at least one police officer and a qualified counsellor.

21) All teachers to undergo compulsory psychiatrist test and counseling services after every three months.

22) TSC to employ ECDE teachers and pay equal salaries. Those with Diploma to be placed in job group B5.

23) TSC to only remain with human resource functions like paying salaries. Ministry of Education to take TSC roles like Disciplining teachers, Quality Assurance and Standards.

24) Entry grades for joining TTCs to be lowered. Those in Asal areas to join on affirmative action.

25) Ten compulsory subjects in junior secondary and one optional. Life skills and Health Education now abolished.


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