Kwale girls start term two games with victory

Kwale girls start term two games with victory

Reigning East Africa secondary school football champions, Kwale Girls, began where they left off in last year’s campaign as Golini Zonal Term Two games ended in Kwale County at the weekend.

Trained by 2018 SOYA coach of the year (schools), Amboko Mukasa, Kwale Girls were in a ruthless form as they picked victories with much ease. They scored 39 goals in three matches.

The champions beat Mwamgunga 16-0, won 12-0 against Tsimba before wrapping up their assignment with a 11-0 victory over Golini.

“We are the East Africa champions and we must play like true champions,” said Mukasa.

Kwale Girls, who were named the best school in the last Soya awards, have vowed to retain all titles in this year’s campaign.

Winners will represent Golini zone at the Matuga sub county games set for Thursday and Friday at Waa and Kaya Tiwi schools.

At Waa Zone games at Matuga Girls School, Kaya Tiwi dominated most of the disciplines to qualify for the sub-county games. They won in netball, boys and girls volleyball and boys’ and girls’ under 19 and 16 football.

In netball, national girls’ champions Kaya Tiwi humiliated Waa Girls 50-2 before defeating former champions Matuga Girls 53-3.

The champions defeated Mwanambeyu 75-0 in the last match to retain the title.

Matuga beat Mwanambeyu 43-3 while Waa Girls stopped Mwanambeyu 8-3.

In boys’ under 19 football, Kaya Tiwi hit Kombani 1-0 and won 3-0 against Ng’ombeni 3-0. 

In boys’ volleyball, Kaya Tiwi beat Kombani and Ng’ombeni in identical scores of 3-0.

In girls’ contest, Kaya Tiwi defeated Kombani 3-0.

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