Knut push successfully ends Grade 7 teacher training on Friday

Knut push successfully ends Grade 7 teacher training on Friday

Training of junior secondary school teachers will now end on Friday 17th March 2023 and not Sunday as it was earlier planned.

The Commission had planned the retooling of teachers who will handle grade 7 (Junior secondary) in Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and Competency Based Assessment (CBA) to start from 13th till 19th March, 2023.

The face to face training happening in the Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) and select venues in the County targeted to retool headteachers for three days and teachers for six days.

However the Commission did not factor that Saturdays and Sundays are worshipping days and many teachers are not available for training on weekends.

Knut push successfully ends Grade 7 teacher training on Friday
Knut circular ending the training on Friday

Protests made by the junior secondary school teachers prompted the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) to intervene which then made consensus with the Commission.

Knut secretary general, Collins Oyuu, says Saturdays and Sundays are worshipping days and should be respected.

“We are glad to inform you that following our intervention the Commission has taken a total departure from the earlier arrangement and has communicated to all County Directors and TOTs on the same,” says Oyuu.

He adds: “The training exercise shall end on Friday 17th March 2023. This information must reach the concerned teachers as soon as possible”.

However its not yet clear whether teachers, and trainers of trainers will be paid for the days which will now not be included for training.

Knut push successfully ends Grade 7 teacher training on Friday
Retooling and payment of Grade 7 teachers

The training targets Head teachers for both regular and SNE as well as teachers with Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Education with at least C+ (Plus) mean grade or its equivalent and two teaching subjects.

TSC also said the training captures teachers currently recruited for junior secondary school.

The target teachers were clustered in the following six subject areas;

  1. English, Literature, foreign and indigenous languages
  2. Kiswahili and Kenya sign language
  3. Pure sciences -Integrated science – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Health Education.
  4. Mathematics
  5. Humanities — Social Studies (Citizenship, Geography, History) Religious Studies, (CRE, IRE, Hindu, FIRE and PPI) and live skills
  6. Technical subjects — Pre vocational and pre career – Business Studies, Sports and Physical Education, Home Science. Art and design.

Each teacher participating in the training was to be paid ksh 3,300 for the six days and for the headteachers they were to earn ksh 1,650.


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