Knec guide for teachers with CP2 registration problems

Knec guide for teachers with CP2 registration problems

The Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) has issued guidelines to help teachers with Knec CP2 registration problems.

This year Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has vetted and will deploy more than 250,000 teachers as centre managers, supervisors, invigilators and examiners.

Around 1,268,830 Grade 6 learners will sit for KPSEA exams and 1,230,000 candidates for KCPE exams while Form 4 are about 880,000.

After teachers were vetted and selected for 2022 invigilation and supervision they are supposed to register on the Knec CP2 system.

By registering on the system teachers will help Knec on logistics which include payment for the teachers who take part in the exam administration.

However some teachers have encountered problems during registration. For this reason Knec has issued guidelines for solving these problems.

Below are simple gidelines for solving CP2 registration problems for teachers. Contracted Professionals (CP) include teachers, drivers and security personnel.

How to register in Knec CP2 portal and solve problems arising from registration:

1. Access the system home page using the link:

2. Upon accessing the home page, to acquire Username and Password, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button, enter your mobile number (must be a Safaricom line registered with Mpesa) in the format provided e.g. 254722677***, confirm the same phone number then click the create account button once again to submit details.

3. You will receive your password through an sms from KNEC to login into the CP2 system and provide required registration details.

4. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE SMS AFTER A REASONABLE TIME, dial *456*9*5*5*1# to unblock your line then repeat the process and ensure successful submission of captured details in the CP2 system.

5. To Reset/ Recover forgotten password, using the link: click the RESET PASSWORD button on the CP2 system, key in your mobile number in the specified format e.g. 254722657— then click on the Reset Password button once again to submit the request. You will receive your username and password through KNEC SMS.

6. For more information, download the letter user manual from the link:

7. Registered contracted professionals (those who have created accounts in CP2) should login, verify existing details and update registration details (profile) in the CP2 system e.g., in case of changes in their status, workstation or qualifications.


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