Knec contracts more primary school teachers over KPSEA exams

Knec contracts more primary school teachers over KPSEA exams

The Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) has increased the number of primary school teachers it will use for administration of primary school exams and assessments.

Knec has contracted at least 250,000 pre-primary, primary and secondary school teachers for administration of this years national exams and assessments.

This number is more compared to 242,406 teachers who were used for administration of exams last year.

This number is due to more candidates this year courtesy of Grade 6 learners who will sit for their final assessment this month.

Teachers from both private and public schools will be used as Centre Managers, Invigilators and Supervisors.

The selected teachers are required to check on the CP2 Portal to confirm their deployment. A deployment letter should also be downloaded as evidence of deployment.

This year Grade 6 and Class 8 learners will have KPSEA and KCPE exams starting on 28th November and ending on 30th November 2022.

On the other hand Form 4 candidates will have their KCSE exams starting 21st November to 22nd December when it will end.

Around 1,268,830 Grade 6 learners will sit for KPSEA exams and 1,230,000 candidates for KCPE exams while Form 4 for KCSE are about 880,000.

In most Sub Counties teachers vetted as Centre Managers, Invigilators and Supervisors have already attended KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE briefings.

During the briefings Knec sensitized the contracted professionals on a number of issues including; Recruitment and Deployment of field officers; Management and Administration of Examinations; Assessment of learners following stage-based pathway; Quality assurance during national examinations; Handling of candidates answer scripts; Receiving and handling of scripts.

During the examination period Knec has also allowed only a number of people inside exam centres. The measured are aimed to curb exam malpractices.

Knec has authorized only the following persons to be in the examination centres during KPSEA, KCPE and KCSE exam periods.
1 Centre Manager;

2 Deputy Principal/Headteacher;- where an examination centre has more than one deputy then the centre manager shall designate one deputy to assist him/her;

3 Supervisor(s);

4 Invigilator(s);

5 Gatekeeper;

6 Laboratory technician and science teacher only during practicals;

7 Authorized support staff to prepare meals for candidates who will strictly restrict their movements to the Kitchen.

Knec will pay its Contracted Professionals which include teachers, security personnel and drivers after the exams and assessments are done and results released to the public.

The teachers must have registered on the CP2 portal for them to be paid. Below are the rates Knec will use to pay the contracted professionals.


ExaminationRehearsalStart dateEnd date
Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)18th November 202221st November 202223rd December 2022
Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE)25th November 202228th November 202230th November 2022
Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA)25th November 202228th November 202230th November 2022
Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE)18th November 202221st November 202225th November 2022


Contracted ProfessionalExamRegionPay Per DayTotal Days engagedTotal Pay
Centre ManagerKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh5004Sh2,000
Centre ManagerKCSEAll RegionsSh50018Sh9,000
InvigilatorsKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh5383Sh1,615
InvigilatorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh58017Sh9,860
InvigilatorsKCSEOther RegionsSh46017Sh7,820
SupervisorsKCPE/KPSEAAll RegionsSh6214Sh2,485
SupervisorsKCSENairobi & MombasaSh69518Sh12,510
SupervisorsKCSEOther RegionsSh63018Sh11,340
Security OfficersKCSEAll RegionsSh42016Sh6,720
DriversKCSEAll RegionsSh40516Sh6,480


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