Knec 2021 official Examiners transport schedule per county

Knec 2021 official Examiners transport schedule per county



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    county codesCounty      DesignREPORTING TIME AT COUNTY COMMISSIONER’S OFFICE      TRAVEL  DATES    Total Examiners
  1  TAITA-TAVETA  TL  6.00 AM  30th March,2021  11
2KWALETL6.00 AM30th March,202115
3MOMBASATL6.00 AM30th March,202119
4KILIFITL6.00 AM30th March,202118
5TANA RIVERTL6.00 AM30th March,20213
  6  LAMU  TL  6.00 AM  30th March,2021  5
1TAITA-TAVETAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202165
2KWALEEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202158
3MOMBASAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202156
4KILIFIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202197
5TANA RIVEREXM6.00 AM1st April,2021 to Lamu17
  6  LAMU  EXM  6.00 AM  Travel date to Nairobi 2nd April,2021      18
7NYANDARUATL6.00 AM30th March,20218
8NYERITL6.00 AM30th March,202110
9KIRINYAGATL6.00 AM30th March,20218
 10  MURANG’A TL  6.00 AM  30th March,2021 25
  11  KIAMBU                                     LAIKIPIA  TL                 TL  6.00 AM                           6.00 AM  30th March,2021                                          30th March,202124

   6.00 AMTLS84
  8  NYERI  EXM6.00 AM  2nd April,2021  100
  9  KIRINYAGA  EXM  6.00 AM  2nd April,2021  49
    10    MURANG’A                                        KIAMBU                                     NYANDARUA   EXM                   EXM                 EXM  6.00 AM                                            6.00 AM                                          6.00 AM    2nd April,2021                                              2nd April,2021                                          2nd April,2021    147
    11    159
                                           EXAMINERS                                         539
  12  MACHAKOS  TL  6.00 AM  30th March,2021  17
13KITUITL6.00 AM30th March,202128
14EMBUTL6.00 AM30th March,202119
15MERUTL6.00 AM30th March,202122
16MARSABITTL6.00 AM30th March,20212
17ISIOLOTL6.00 AM30th March,20212
18MAKUENITL6.00 AM30th March,202125
19THARAKA-NITHITL6.00 AM30th March,202113
13KITUIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021315
14EMBUEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202174
15MERUEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021148
16MARSABITEXM6.00 AM2nd April,20216
17ISIOLOEXM6.00 AM2nd April,20215
18MAKUENIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021294
19THARAKA-NITHIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202183
12MACHAKOSEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021296
20NAIROBITL4.00 pm to 6.00 pm30th March,202129
20NAIROBIEXM4.00 pm to 6.00 pm2nd April,2021170
23TRANS-NZOIATL6.00 AM30th March,202118
24WEST POKOTTL6.00 AM30th March,20215
25BOMETTL6.00 AM30th March,202119
          26          UASIN GISHU          TL    6.00 AM          30th March,2021          10
            27            NAKURU            TL      6.00 AM            30th March,2021            27
28KERICHOTL6.00 AM30th March,202110
29NANDITL6.00 AM30th March,202114
31KAJIADOTL6.00 AM30th March,202110
32NAROKTL6.00 AM30th March,20219
33BARINGOTL6.00 AM30th March,202110
34ELGEYO-MARAKWETL6.00 AM30th March,20217
21TURKANAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202115
22SAMBURUEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202112
23TRANS-NZOIAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021135
24WEST POKOTEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202137
25BOMETEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021122
26UASIN GISHUEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202197
27NAKURUEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021178
28KERICHOEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202195
29NANDIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021115
30LAIKIPIAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202143
31KAJIADOEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202149
32NAROKEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202166
33BARINGOEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202198
34ELGEYO-MARAKWEEXM6.00 AM2nd April,202148
  35  BUSIA  TL  6.00 AM  30th March,2021  14
  36  BUNGOMA  TL6.00 AM  30th March,2021  35
  37  KAKAMEGA  TL6.00 AM  30th March,2021  43
  38  VIHIGA  TL6.00 AM  30th March,2021  15
   6.00 AMTLS107
35BUSIAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021205
36BUNGOMAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021356
37KAKAMEGAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021495
  38  VIHIGA  EXM  6.00 AM  2nd April,2021  223
39KISUMUTL6.00 AM30th March,202129
40KISIITL6.00 AM30th March,202119
41HOMA BAYTL6.00 AM30th March,202115
42SIAYATL6.00 AM30th March,202116
43NYAMIRATL6.00 AM30th March,202115
44MIGORITL6.00 AM30th March,202117
  39  KISUMU  EXM6.00 AM  2nd April,2021  261
40KISIIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021159
41HOMA BAYEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021223
42SIAYAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021239
43NYAMIRAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021143
44MIGORIEXM6.00 AM2nd April,2021137
45GARISSATL6.00 AM30th March,20212
46WAJIRTL6.00 AM30th March,20212
47MANDERATL6.00 AM30th March,20211
45GARISSAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,20214
46WAJIREXM6.00 AM2nd April,20212
47MANDERAEXM6.00 AM2nd April,20213
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