Governor Mutua steps in to help form 4 girl who penned a painful letter

Governor Mutua steps in to help form 4 girl who penned a painful letter

Philomena Mutheu, a Form Four student from St. Mary’s School in Kithangaini can now breathe a sigh of relief after her fees was paid in full.

On Wednesday, Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua said he cleared her fees balance of Ksh. 26,958.

“She is now back in school and in class. Early this (Wednesday) morning, I established that her case is genuine and not a fabrication as some people had tried to purport,” Dr. Mutua said on Twitter.

Following a conversation with the Principal of St. Mary’s School Madam Lillian Ireri, the Governor confirmed that Mutheu was among 45 students who were sent home due to lack of fees on November 6.

According to Dr. Mutua, out of all the students who were sent home, only four have not returned.

The Principal is said to have indicated that despite the directive by the National Government that no student be sent home due to school fees arrears, there was a shift in position as funds are yet to be received from the Education ministry.

“She confirmed that the school’s board of management made this decision on October 30, 2020, and the Sub County Director of Education, a Mr. Simiyu, approved the sending home of candidates due to lack of fees and monies to sustain the students in the school,” Dr. Mutua added.

The Governor also noted that county officials have since discovered that many other candidates are being sent home despite the government advisory against such a move.

He commended Mutheu for her courage to pen the letter to the President bringing to light her desperate situation.

The 17-year-old and her younger sister–who are orphans–were reportedly being tossed from one relative to another.

Dr. Mutua also revealed that the two siblings have been receiving support from an organization known as Oasis of Hope which had already paid Ksh. 5,000 for her at the school.

On November 6, Mutheu wrote a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta pleading for help with school fees and other basic needs.

“I am always top 10 in my class, I have nobody to assist me, this had led to a lot of stress and depression. I aspire to be a teacher but I have lost hope in life. I need a lot of guidance and counseling to gain strength,” her letter reads in part.

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