Form 1 and Grade 7 learners to report on Monday 15th January

Form 1 and Grade 7 learners to report on Monday 15th January

Form 1 students and their colleagues joining junior school this year will officially report to their respective schools from Monday next week.

This also include a total of 2,000 learners who did not sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams in November last year.

During the release of the 2023 KCPE results, Machogu said 9,354 learners did not sit the KCPE exam and noted that they would be given supplementary tests this January.

However CS Machogu, during release of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results, said only 2,000 had been traced and noted that they would be allowed to join For One, starting January 8, 2024.

On junior school the Ministry of Education has released guidelines on how grade seven and eight learning should be implemented.

CS Machogu in a published notice warned schools charging levies on the pretext of expanding infrastructure to accommodate learners joining Grade 8 in 2024.

“Schools must desist from asking parents to construct new classrooms for the current Grade 8 candidates,” said Machogu.

The CS said the Grade 7 learners should utilise the classrooms that were used by the current Grade 8 learners.

On uniform Machogu ordered Grade 7 learners to be allowed to attend school in uniforms that they used while in Grade 6 in 2023 as parents and guardians make efforts to buy new outfits for the JSS.

The CS further said Grade 8 learners be allowed to utilise the classrooms left vacant by the last cohort of the Standard 8 candidates who sat KCPE in 2023.

While KCPE candidates received their results, the grad e seven learners will be reporting without the results which are yet to be released.

The Government plans to spend Sh12.8 Billion this year to facilitate the construction of 15,015 classrooms for junior school.

At the same time the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) has released curriculum designs after it rationalized learning areas in lower and upper primary as well as junior secondary.

Below are the new learning areas in junior school after rationalization by the Ministry of Education and KICD.



( Humanities and Social Sciences )

1) English

2) Kiswahili/KSL

3) Religious Education

4) Social Studies/Life Skills Education


( Science, Technology and Innovation )

1) Mathematics

2) Integrated Science/Health Education

3) Agriculture/Nutrition/Home Science


(Engineering and Applied Sciences )

1) Pre-Technical Studies/Business Studies/Computer Studies

2) Creative Arts (Visual and Performing Arts) and

Kindly note that no separate books needed for Grade 7 learners. All previous books to be used for Grade 7 learners as publishers will not print new books.

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