Fate of 54,000 teachers seeking promotion to be known soon

Fate of 54,000 teachers seeking promotion to be known soon

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has released official figures of its staff who have attained higher qualifications by October last year.

A total of 54,702 teachers have upgraded their education and acquired new academic papers since last year.

A report tabled in Parliament last week by TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia reveals that a total of 36,341 P1 (primary school) teachers have pursued diploma, higher diploma, degrees, masters, post-graduate and doctorate qualifications by October last year.

Broken down, TSC report says that 18,076 of these teachers have attained degrees.

Another 17,758 have acquired higher diploma qualifications, with some 486 attaining masters papers.Only five teachers have attained doctorate qualifications.

“This is the summary of different cadre of academic qualifications attained as per October 31, 2018,” reads the TSC report.

And for secondary school teachers, the TSC report reveals that a total of 1,650 have attained higher diploma and masters qualifications.

Of these, 1,635 teachers have attained masters with some 11 postgraduate diploma and four doctoral qualifications.

However, according to TSC, only 16,711 primary school teachers have submitted their higher academic qualifications between January 2014 and July 2017.Of these, 8,499 pursued diploma and 8,212 attained degrees papers.

“The commission has so far acknowledged the submissions of credentials,” reads the TSC report.

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