Delocalized teachers worry of their safety as election date nears

Delocalized teachers worry of their safety as election date nears

Teachers working in schools far away from their home counties are a worried lot as August 9th, date for general election draw closer.

Some of the teachers said they will not be able to go to their home when schools break for mid term this week. There reasons being they cant afford the transport to and fro in just one week.

Schools will break for mid term on August 5th, however a total of 250 schools which were selected to be used by IEBC as tallying centres will break early.

So far a report by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) shows that six counties are highly likely to experience electoral violence during the 2022 General Elections, .

The report named Nairobi, Nakuru, Kericho, Kisumu, Uasin Gishu and Mombasa as areas likely to experience electoral violence before, during or after the polls.

“Six counties recorded an inflated vulnerability for electoral violence in the upcoming General Elections.  The major impending threat being pre-existing conflicts around issues of inequalities in the distribution of resources, high population density in informal settlements and infiltration of organised criminal gangs and groups,” the report says.

Last week a sad incident happened in Baragoi where a high school teacher, Mr Cyrus Kirukura, was k1lled when attackers waylaid and sprayed bullets on him.

The school’s headteacher Elijah Letakai said the teacher was k1lled just 200 metres from the school’s main gate, a few minutes after noon.

Kuppet Samburu branch condemned the incident and issued the following statement.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Members of the fourth Estate,

It is with shock and disbelief to learn that Cyrus James Kurukura of Baragoi Boys Secondary school is no more.

The brutal hand of characters who adhere to no law has robbed us a hard working English and Literature colleague.

As teachers representatives we condemn the act with the strongest terms possible.

On this too we demand that teachers from this danger zones of Baragoi be evacuated with immediate effect.

As a union we have advised all our colleagues in the danger zone to flee for safety until the government address the perennial insecurity problems in Samburu North.

Let all schools be shut and the issue be addressed as soon as possible.

The escalation of the insecurity in Baragoi zone shows the magnitude of the situation, ability and preparedness of this criminals to cause mayhem for their known reasons.

On this too we demand a statement from the CS interior and National co-ordination on how teachers shall continue teaching on this danger zone.

When a pupil or student is canned it is news all over, but when a teacher looses his or her life to law breakers it is no issue to the employer and Ministry of Education.

Up to and until the issue is addressed and solved conclusively our members are advised to stay away from this dangerous areas.

Yours faithfully,

Lengoyiap William

Executive Secretary

Kuppet Samburu Branch

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