CS Magoha says teachers yet to register for CBL to do so no teacher will miss pay

CS Magoha says teachers yet to register for CBL to do so no teacher will miss pay

Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha has today cleared the air on reports of teachers missing salaries under the Community-Based Learning program.

In a statement, Magoha clarified that under the Community-Based Learning programme and monthly salaries were not related in any way meaning all teachers would continue earning their wages. 

“The teachers’ participation in the Community-Based Learning Programme is not tied to the payment of their monthly salaries.

“The Ministry, therefore, wishes to clarify media reports to the effect that teachers who have yet to enroll for the programme will be denied their monthly salaries,” read part of Magoha’s statement. 

Earlier reports had claimed that teachers who did not register for the programme would not get paid.

Education Chief Administrative Secretary Zachary Kinuthia was quoted as to have claimed that such teachers would be considered to have absconded.

“Community based learning will not replace the main curriculum. The government does not want to see children idle,” a quote attributed to Kinuthia reads.

In the statement, Magoha noted that plans were underway to launch the Community-Based Learning programme in all parts of the country for primary and secondary school learners.

He added that the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) had already mapped out teachers to be involved under the programme.

On Monday, August 10, TSC released some of the guidelines in the programme in which teachers would be required to arrange classes of not more than 15 learners in estates and villages for four hours daily.

Classes would also take place in open places and halls under strict adherence of Ministry of Health Covid-19 protocols so as to ensure the safety of learners and teachers.

Teachers would be required to engage learners on life skills and values such as weeding, cultivating, grazing animals, storytelling, planting, debating life issues and hygiene, among others.

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