Crisis as School Support Staff plan countrywide demos over pay

Crisis as School Support Staff plan countrywide demos over pay

Learning in all public schools stands to be paralysed as surbodinate staff threaten to down tools from next week if the government shall fail to pay them their salaries due.

The group of workers under the umbrella Kenya Union of Secondary Schools Non-teaching Staff had sought for permit from the police service to hold peaceful demonstrations to demand for their salaries and which they have been granted.

The Ministry responding to President Uhuru directive to cushion school workers and BOM teachers from the effects of Covid-19 released the Vote head for free secondary educattion funds as highlighted in the break down below.

Operational Account

ItemSchoolRetainedTotal Amount
Maintenance and Improvement50000.00500.00
Other Vote heads (Personal Emoluments, EWC, Adm. Costs)3226.0000.003226.00
NHIF EduAfya00.00675.00675.00

Tuition Account

ItemSchoolRetainedTotal Amount
BOM teachers0.00750.00750.00

In the circular the Ministry of Education said in January 2020, it released 50% 0f FDSE funds to schools. 

These funds  included  P.E funds up to June 2020.  

It further directed school heads that Ksh. 3,226 per learner should be utilized in the payment of salaries to non-teaching staff, water and electricity bills as well as administrative costs up to December 2020

Already most BOM teachers have been paid.

The payment which is kshs 10,000 per month is expected to run from July to December 2020.

The strike threat comes at a time when the government plans to reopen school early next month.

Crisis as School Support Staff plan countrywide demos over pay

Sources indicate that the surbodinate staff countrywide are planning to stage demonstration at different parts of the country to compel the government to pay them their salaries.

“It’s so unfortunate that the government wants to reopen schools yet we have been suffering since March without a single shilling in our pockets. How will we ferry our children to school now that even what to eat is a problem?” said Milka a school secretary in Matongo, Kisii.

The workers who help in running of secondary schools include Cooks, Watchmen, Secretaries, Drivers, Bursars among others.


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