Changes government seeks to induce in education sector

Changes government seeks to induce in education sector

The Government has drawn up a raft of proposals aimed at shaking up the education sector.

A policy document to be presented before the National Assembly, which re-opens today, outlines measures to reform pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education with an emphasis on the use of information, communication and technology (ICT) to prepare learners to respond to job market demands.The document titled Sessional Paper on Reforming Education and Training for Sustainable Development 2018, and which was prepared by the Ministry of Education, also seeks to address issues of education quality, service delivery, and teacher development at all learning levels.

To improve enrollment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds and vulnerable groups, the Government plans to offer incentives such as conditional cash transfers.

Also planned is Government sponsorship for learners in private schools in marginalised and slum areas, with the policy proposing the establishment of modalities to provide capitation. The document observes that children in informal settlements are served by few formal schools.

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