Basic learning institutions to reopen between October 4-19

Basic learning institutions to reopen between October 4-19

Primary and secondary school teachers have been ordered to return to school by Monday next week in preparation for the eventual reopening of learning institutions due in a fortnight.

Speaking on September 21, 2020 after a stakeholders meeting at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) to review the reopening plan, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha said it was time for children to resume school without giving the exact reopening date.

Sources within the meeting have however revealed to Citizen TV that three dates have been recommended, subject to how soon teachers will prepare the schools.

The sources intimated that the learning institutions may be opened in slightly over a fortnight, adding that teachers were recalled first to aid in assessing the schools’ readiness and put in place safety protocols including installation of hand washing areas, rearranging of desks in classrooms and beds in the dormitories to factor in social distancing and give their report within one week.

If within one week all is well, schools could reopen on October 4, 2020; if more preparations are needed then the opening dates will be pushed to 0ctober 12. On the extreme, the final date of reopening is pegged on October 19, 2020.

The report that is to be reviewed by another sub Cabinet committee and whose outcome will be forwarded to the President who is set to address the nation within a week further recommends that, in the first phase of the reopening, 50 per cent of the students comprising Form Fours, Class Eight, Class Seven and Grade Four be admitted.

The situation is then expected to be monitored and loopholes sealed before the remaining students also resume classes a week or two later.

With the first term of learning considered to have been covered in the first three months before COVID-19 struck, the calendar has since been altered.

The period between October and December, the students will cover second term syllabus, then take a two-week Christmas break before resuming learning in January to conclude term three in April.

Candidates who were set to sit their exams this year will take it in April as sources said the government is keen on ensuring no one repeats classes.

After the candidates sit their exams, the new year calendar will commence either in May or June, as such teachers have been called upon to help the learners recover lost time.

As for the universities and tertiary colleges, they were given the green light to open their doors, hence it will be up to the individual Senate councils to evaluate their preparedness and announce when learning can resume.

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