Apply now! teachers told on transfers as MPs end delocalization

Apply now! teachers told on transfers as MPs end delocalization

Teachers unions are now calling on delocalized teachers wanting transfer back home to apply immediately.

Both Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) led by Collins Oyuu and Kenya Women Teachers Association led by Benta Opande are asking teachers to place a transfer request.

This comes shortly after Members of Parliament (Mps) unanimously pass a resolution to put an end to delocalization.

Making the decision today the legislatures say the policy is a torture to teachers and has a negative effect on productivity.

Though Teachers Service Commission (TSC) launched the programme to enhance national cohesion, the Mps found out that it only kills teachers morale hence affecting performance.

The House has asked TSC to amend the policy that will see newly recruited teachers being posted within their home counties and those delocalized taken back home.

Now teachers unions have joined the call to end the policy that has received heavy condemnation from teachers.

Speaking in Nairobi, Kewota CEO Benta Opande said the policy has never transformed the management, administration and the quality of education in the country.

“We have reached out to teachers across the country and their worry is, since the introduction of delocalization policy they are yet to see results and have not witnessed any improvement in management and administration of schools,” said Opande.

Opande urged the TSC to abandon the plan since it is still very unpopular and adds no value to our schools.

“We therefore support the National Assembly in their efforts to have the teachers body to abandon this policy,” added Opande.

On the other hand Knut has welcomed the National Assembly decision to end the policy which has been in place since 2017.

The motion “Review of Teacher Deployment Policy” courtesy of Lurambi MP Titu Khamala was fully passed by majority of legislatures today.

Ending teacher delocalization programme is one of President William Ruto’s big promises to teachers during campaigns.

Many teachers have already applied for transfers others with a replacement while others with none. Some teachers have also applied hoping to be considered despite working for less than five years since their posting.

From this latest move by Mps the Commission will have to consider teachers transfer requests without much restrictions like the period the teacher has served and so forth.

According to TSC policy, teachers working in North Eastern region are required to have completed at least three years before they are transferred back to their home counties.

Teachers in other regions are required to work for at least five years before they are considered for transfer to their homes.

“The teacher must have served in a station for a period of not less than three years and five years for North Eastern and other areas respectively since first appointment; unless otherwise authorized by the Commission’s Secretary,” read the TSC Code of Conduct for teachers.


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