Students who scored grade E in KCSE to join university

Students who scored grade E in KCSE to join university
Students who score grade “E” in Form Four will now be allowed to study for degrees up to doctorate level, under new regulations gazetted by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.
The students will however take longer than usual and it will all depend on their willingness, ability and interest, the guidelines say, adding that the learners will start with an artisan certificate taking six months and worth a minimum of 60 credit value, which will allow progress to the next level.

However, the authority failed to determine at what level diploma holders will join universities, leaving the decision to the institutions. Previously diploma holders used to join universities at first year, others at the second or third.


“The university will be in a position to assess a diploma student and determine at what level he or she can start his undergraduate studies but subject to our approval,” said authority chairman Bonaventure Kerre.

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In the regulations, a doctorate student will be required to have master’s degree and will take three years with a minimum of 360 credits, while those taking master’s degree will take two years earning a minimum of 240 credits.

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