What TSC said on implementation of TPAD and PC Term 2

What TSC said on implementation of TPAD and PC Term 2

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) sent warning to school administrators for allowing rogue Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) process in their institutions.

Through an internal memo to school heads four weeks ago TSC expressed disappointment by school heads who allow teachers to skew TPAD process when there is procedure for the TPAD activities.

“It has come to our attention that the handling of TPAD2 at the teacher’s and school level has been mismanaged/mishandled.

The current TPAD is for term 2 and the system is open. TPAD has a calendar of activities that has to be strictly adhered to.

It has been noted that teachers have done self assessment to an extent that they are through with the term yet its only week 3.

This is done with the background that the HOI is aware and against the TPAD calendar,” read a memo by TSC addressed to school heads.

TSC further said it will issue show cause letters to both school heads and teachers for mishandling the TPAD process.

The commission said teachers will be held personally responsible for contravening the laid down procedures.

“Note therefore that any teacher contravening the tpad calendar shall be held personally responsible and disciplinary action taken against him/her.

We’re keenly watching with an intend of serving show cause letters to these teachers.

HOI’s will equally be treated the same for supervising the wrong handling of TPAD 2.

Bring this to the attention of all teachers in your institution and you be notified hereof,” TSC said.

The appraisal which is ongoing is now fully online.

Two also issued a circular to teachers which made clarification on both the TPAD and PC (Performance Contract).

The circular read as follows.


Following the communication made to all County Directors vide memo Ref: TSC/DQAS/DIR/49/VOL.11/32 and subsequent opening of the TPAD online system on 11th January 2021, there have been numerous  inquiries on the term 2 and term 3 TPAD implementation.

The Commission would like to make the following clarifications:

1. Performance  Contract  (PC): Performance Contract for heads of primary and secondary institutions is available on the TSC website.

The heads of institution are required to follow the PC calendar of activities which also provides that the  PC should be downloaded and signed as  required.   

Once this has  been done, the  heads of  institution are required to develop the Operational workplan which can be done on the TPAD online system.

2. Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD): Due to the complexities caused by the design of the TPAD online  system, it  has been decided that  all  data, for both term 2 and term 3 be done on the term that is  now open i.e Term 2 2021.

This  means that teachers teaching  grade 4, class 8 and form 4 can input the data on learners’ progress on the term 2 2021 portal and not on term 3 2021 as had earlier been communicated in the memo.

In this regard, all teachers are expected to fill term 2 2021.

3. It has come to the attention of the Commission that some teachers have already appraised themselves and surprisingly have been appraised for term 2 2021.  

This is contrary to the TPAD Calendar of Activities which provides TPAD  process.

The Heads of institution were required to have customized the TPAD calendar provided in the TPAD on line system and shared these requirements with the teachers when the schools were  opened.

4. Lesson  Observation: The TPAD online system provides for lesson observation which should  be done at least  once a term.  

However, it  has been noted that some teachers  have already uploaded data for last term (term 2 2020) in the current term (term 2 2021).  

This should be discouraged as it should be done for each term and as per the period of the term.

5. Missing  schools: A list of schools missing from the TPAD system in your respective Counties should  be submitted  by 29th January 202I.

6. Mapping of  schools: All teachers should be mapped in their  respective schools, zones, sub counties and counties respectively.

These rights have been assigned to the County Director and the County ICT  officers.

7. A list of teachers yet to appear on TPAD online system should be submitted by 29th January 202I (kindly provide their TSC numbers and work stations).

Teachers should also create their TPAD accounts and this will remedy this situation.

8. Schools with no administrators: The County Director should assign rights to teachers to act as deputies and heads of institution so as to ensure that the appraisal  process is completed at the school  level.

9. Cancellation is done when there is inconsistency in the marks allocated and when there is suspicion of collusion  between the appraiser and appraisee and is only carried out by the countersigning officer.

There have been cases where the teachers  have complained about the cancellation of their appraisals.

Therefore, this function should always be done with  utmost care and fairness.

10. Reversal: This option has been  provided to TSC TPAD  system administrators who  can  reverse a ‘not on  duty’ procedure and also the appraisal  especially when the teacher  has chosen  the wrong standards.

However, there have been many cases of not on duty which requires the teacher to indicate reasons why they are not on duty such as leaves.

It should  be emphasized that the not on duty procedure is not a one off button and therefore cannot be chosen by mistake. 

Therefore, teachers should be asked to be keen as they fill in the appraisal.

Also recorded are  the cases of teachers  who have chosen the SNE standards.

Once the case is checked, it is noted that the teachers have already been appraised and even have a TPAD  score.  

Once an appraisal has been rated by the appraiser it cannot be reversed.

Bring this information to the attention of your officers


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