Teachers vent anger after TSC blocked them from visiting Upper Hill offices

Teachers vent anger after TSC blocked them from visiting Upper Hill offices

The announcement by Teachers Service Commission (TSC) banning teachers from visiting the headquarters from 1st March has not augured well with most teachers.

In a circular dated 15th February 2021 sent to TSC County Directors, the Commission said effective 1st March, 2021 that it will only serve teachers who have been referred by the Counties/ Sub Counties offices for cases that cannot be resolved there.

“The Commission has allowed visitors to be served at the Customer Care Centre. Effective 1st March, 2021 the Commission will only serve teachers who have been referred by the Counties/ Sub Counties offices for cases that cannot be resolved there. Further, the teachers MUST have written  permission from their Head,” read a circular by Ibrahim Mumin, TSC Director for Administrative Services.

This means in less than two weeks teachers will not visit TSC Upper Hill offices on regular basis as it used to be unless referred by the County or Sub County Directors.

However this announcement has not been received well by most teachers who wonder why their employer is banning them from seeking services from its top offices.

Most teachers have protested and expressed disappointment by the employer despite its grand plan to fully migrate to a digital platform.

TSC said it will go paperless and that currently only 20% of teachers files are yet to be digitized.

“TSC has digitized over 80% of teachers files and soon we are going paperless,” Beatrice Wababu, TSC head of communications, had said.

This means there will be no more sending hard copy documents to the headquarters or receiving hard copy documents from the headquarters.

TSC said in its 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, it identified Reforms and Innovation in the provision of teaching services as its strategic focus area aimed at improving service delivery to its employees and stakeholders.  

In this regard, the Commission said it has successfully migrated services related to recruitment and promotions of teachers to an online system hence there will be no manual applications for recruitment and promotion of teachers with effect from 1st March, 2021.

However what has angered teachers is the latest move through a circular that directed them not to visit TSC headquarter unless referred by their County or Sub county TSC offices.

Michael Ongoyi said

Digital means of interaction should compliment but not replace physical interaction since is just a virtualization and abstraction of the intended purpose of the information is not tampered with midway.Stop treating teachers as if they are your kids

Peter Maina said

How to you refuse a teacher who has grievances which might be feels has not gotten proper attention in their respective counties? Under which Kenyan law was that passed. I believe headquarter of any organization is a place where one can visit despite having offices at the respective places of work.

Headquarters is where the father and mother is and a child feels satisfied once his or her issues is addressed by them. Some people heading county offices might be have some personal issues with a teacher and can step on the toes of that teacher because he/she knows he or she is the final person and will never refer that teacher to the headquarters at all to punish one. . May i request TSC to reconsider that position.

Henry Kemboi said

What crime did teachers committed to warrant such actions from employer?

Judith Turunya said

Then TSC should not even exist . should we opt to Coffee house . indeed teachers are destitutes in the face of a ruthless employer

Chepkwony Robert said

What if Head teachers and principals bar learners from directly taking their issues to them without a junior teacher’s written permission?

Henry Kemboi said

Wonders never cease so where do they want teachers to go? Afya house ama Ardhi house?????

Lucio Manthi said

Whom do they want to visit the headquarters? May be the doctors or the farmers..

Moses Cheruiyot said

Teachers have a right to visit their headquarters. Dr. Macharia this is not good

Charles Njiru said

Trs will be working on contracts in the near future that is the game plan.

Sammary Chumo said

There should be serious trainings before all these implementation of online .upto now Tpad filling is a challenge to many teachers and activation of emails is another. Cyber cafes charges 150/= in activation yet it is something very easy hence teachers are exploited yet tactics should carry the cross

Victor Matoka said

Then it should be demolished with immediate effect, why was it established if teachers cannot pay a visit. It is now being run like somebody’s house. Ojoga kachieth!

Cornelius Kivuva said

This is bad of teachers, I told them TSC was on a mission to kill KNUT so that the weak KUPPET remains theonly union. Results=mistreatment. Teachers decision to migrate from KNUT will haunt them forever

Eunice Sammy said

Such a magnificent building with no employees vising it. Then rent it

George N. Morara said

Whom are they going to serve?

Royborders Wambua said

A clear indication that this body has no interest in serving teachers.

Meleck Nanzayi said

Tell them we shall come,or we shall bar them from coming to schools

Adoyo Otieno said

What is the purpose of having education headquarters in the first place?

Samson Imende said

Wizards and sorcerers will visit may be


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