Parent sues school after son was sent home for fighting

A parent has sued a prestigious international school, seeking orders compelling the institution to readmit her son.

The mother who cannot be named for legal reasons says that her son was sent away from school for allegedly getting into a fight, without any evidence to support the claim.

Even though the school allegedly did not take any action against her son’s earlier complaint about being sexually harassed by other students, she said, they sent him home without any evidence of him getting into a fight. The sexual harassment complaint was not related to the fighting incident.

She believes that the decision is discriminatory.

It all began when sometime this month she was summoned to the school and informed that her son had broken school rules.

However, she says, she was not given an audience by the school director and asked to meet with the deputy principal.

It was alleged that her son engaged in a fight but she was not given any evidence.

And as a result of the fight, she says, the school put her son in solitary confinement, away from the rest of the students.

“…Denying him the opportunity to study and interact with his peers was a discriminatory action by the respondent (school),” the mother said in her suit papers.

And as a result of the exclusion his right to attend his school of choice and continue his school activities had been infringed, the court was told.

The mother revealed that when she inquired from the child on the veracity of the allegations she learned that he had been bullied and sexually harassed by students.

It was also revealed that the school, despite receiving complaints from the student, did not take any action.

The mother also told the court that her child had received threats both verbally and on social media platforms from other students in regard to the alleged incident as well as parents of the alleged perpetrators.

She expressed her disappointment at how she had been treated by the school and how unjustly her son was treated.

“Petitioner is deeply disturbed by the callous manner in which her child was treated and humiliated by being forced to leave school without any tangible reasons,” the suit says.

She accused the school of unjustly enriching itself with fees her son paid even while he was out.

“I continue to suffer emotionally as my son is out of school lagging behind as his classmates progress and this will prejudice his education,” she says.

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