Ministry orders Principals to reside in schools to stem indiscipline

Ministry orders Principals to reside in schools to stem indiscipline

Early Learning and Basic Education Principal Secretary Dr Belio Kipsang has directed all Regional, County Directors of Education and Sub-county Directors of Education to ensure that all Principals of boarding schools reside within the school to help stem indiscipline and arson cases in the schools.

The PS also directed all schools to convene a board meeting by February 15  to discuss and assess the security situation in their institutions.

Principals of boarding schools have been directed to reinforce, enhance vigilance and security in the dormitory blocks which are the target of arson by students.

Kipsang said to curb arson incidents in schools, the Principals should always deploy more teachers on duty and security around the dormitories and tuition facilities whenever students are not in those areas.

In a press statement sent to newsrooms, Dr Belio said the Ministry of Education is greatly concerned about the emerging trend of indiscipline among learners that has resulted in burning of learning institutions, a behaviour he described as a threat to the smooth running of school programmes.

“We want school heads to report any criminal activity by learners to the police for necessary action and to inform them that the record on their participation in criminal activities will compromise their future careers,” stressed the PS.

The PS added that school administrations need to be extra vigilant in curtailing channels that can be used to smuggle drugs in the schools.

“The Ministry also wants all County Directors of Education to call a County Education Boards meeting by 25th February this year to address school indiscipline and reports from the board of management meetings concerning the same,” directed Dr Belio.

Dr Belio also urged the Principals to enhance guidance and counselling especially, in light of the long closure of schools due to Covid-19 that exposed the learners to undesirable behaviour, and to open up channels of effective communication with their learners and staff that promote a robust grievance redress mechanism.

The Principals were also told to come up with human resource management mechanism that do not cause antagonism among and between the staff and learners, as well as adhere to the Covid-19 guidelines.

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