Ministry circular on financing Primary and Secondary education


The Ministry of Education (MoE) received a grant from the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) under the supervision of the World Bank to support development of primary education sub-sector in Kenya.

The Kenya Primary Education Development (PRIEDE) Project, aims at providing specific interventions in key areas of the sub-sector.

The PRIEDE project is implemented in four components, briefly described below.

Component 1 focuses on improving early grade mathematics competencies.

Component 2 supports  the strengthening  of school management  and accountability.

Component 3 aims to build capacity for evidence-based policy development at national level.

Component 4 covers project coordination, communication, monitoring and evaluation.

The MoE has been disbursing capitation grants for Free Primary Education (FPE) Kshs.1, 420 per learner  to meet the cost of instructional materials and school operations.

To support fee day Secondary Education, the MoE is disbursing Kshs 22,244 per learner.

The cost of living has also been steadily increasing, with variable cost of living across different  regions of the country.

There are also are variable and constant costs to financing education at school level, and many schools with lower pupil enrolments do not have the advantage of economies of scale.

An assessment of the current capitation to primary and secondary education sector is inevitable therefore.

The analysis of the current capitation framework will assist in identifying gaps in current financing model in the education sector.

It will also reveal gaps that  have not been adequately addressed by existing policies and programs in education.

This will be done with a view to bridging  the gaps through appropriate review of existing policies to generate suitable and relevant policy options.

The Ministry of Education has therefore, contracted  Prof Okwach Abagi to undertake a study on Equity-based Financing in Primary and Secondary Education in Kenya.

The consultant  may be accompanied by various other staff while  conducting the  field survey.

The consultant has developed an online platform for field survey which  will require your response and response from one education officer at sub-county level.

Besides, they will be visiting your offices and have a purposive sample of primary and secondary schools that they will visit for in-depth data collection.

The data collection period is expected to be concluded by 31st January, 2020.

The study is national and data will be collected at all County and sub-county education offices and selected primary and secondary schools.

The identity of the respondents will be treated as confidential and will not be published.

Please, give the consultant  and the team all the necessary support  that they may require  and also to inform all the sub-county education officers, and Head-teachers of all primary  and secondary schools in your county to be available and participate in this study as required.

For clarification, please contact the following:

S/No     Name                                    Contact

1.Martha  Ekirapa0724744777
2.Michael Kahiti0722316831
3.Sabastian Owanga0725744134

Dr. Belio Kipsang, CBS

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