Kuppet press statement: Demand for fairness in the promotions

Kuppet press statement: Demand for fairness in the promotions


10 FEBRUARY 2021


KUPPET commends the Teachers Service Commission for rolling out promotions for 33,000 teachers.

These promotions will go a long way in addressing the endemic stagnation by teachers in the same Job Groups.

We urge the government to provide the funds for the promotion of all teachers in line with the Career Progression Guidelines (CPGs).

It is quite demotivating that many more qualified teachers will not enjoy this promotion due to the insufficient budget allocation for this purpose under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Under the new CBA currently under negotiation, KUPPET will ensure that all teachers are fully covered for the promotions so far missed.

This morning, we wrote to the TSC to protest the discriminative procedures being employed against some principals, deputy principals and senior masters who merit the promotions.

Initially, teachers faced difficulties applying for the promotions via the TSC portal.

In particular, those without Master’s degrees were blocked from the application window on the portal.

The Commission heeded our plea and corrected the flaw in the portal, and allowed more teachers to apply.

However, we worry that the TSC is implementing a systematic policy to deny some principals their deserved opportunities, ostensibly based on school size.

This is because administrators currently serving in sub- county schools have not been short-listed for interviews.

Moreover, the CPG Guidelines and TPAD points being used for the interviews have placed substantial weight on the status of schools where the applicants serve.

It is obvious that county and sub-county schools cannot compete fairly with the well-established ones.

A glaring difference between the two categories of schools is in the entry qualifications for their Form One intakes.

However, the vast majority of Kenyan students and teachers (including principals) are based in these county and sub-county schools.

Unless the interview process is modified, many qualified teachers including those with post-graduate qualifications the TSC initially asked for might not get their deserved promotion.

Given the yawning inequalities in economic development across the country, Principals from marginalized areas will be condemned to serve in the small schools for the rest of their lives.

This is because some counties have only two national schools, and three or four extra-county schools.

Considering that some of the principals in the so-called small schools were delocalized from larger institutions, the Commission could be inadvertently punishing nationalistic

teachers who took up positions in marginalised areas. Such an eventuality would distort the noble goals of the CPGs under the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

KUPPET has demanded that all qualified principals should be allowed to compete fairly for all available vacancies. These include teachers serving in Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs).

TTCs are a major repository for skill and experience in the teaching service. Not only do their teachers possess advanced qualifications, some also hold positions of responsibility in the institutions such as Registrars, Deans and Heads of Department.

All we want is an open playing field for all qualified teachers. This is the only way to ensure strong leadership for our institutions.

Note on CBC

The union welcomes the publication of the Task Force report. As always, we will engage in broadening understanding and support for the new curriculum.

We urge the government to urgently invest in the infrastructure and teacher numbers required for the effective implementation of the new curriculum.


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