Kuppet opposes Ministry plan to hire school managers

Kuppet opposes Ministry plan to hire school managers

The Kenya Union of Post-Primary Teachers (Kuppet) has opposed plans by the Education ministry to hire school managers directly.

The ministry, through Amendments to the Basic Education Act 2013, has proposed employment of school managers to help head teachers run the institutions more efficiently.

Kuppet, however claims that the move is a plot by the Ministry of Education to illegally grab the human resource management role from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

“Parallel employment of school managers would rewind the clock on teacher management to the days TSC was constitutionally mandated to manage the teaching force,” said Kuppet secretary- general Akello Misori.

Under the proposed amendment, the school manager will be appointed by the Cabinet Secretary to oversee the management of education resources, meaning that a big chunk of the head teachers’ roles will be taken away.

The school manager will also be in charge of implementation of policies and guidelines in the basic education institutions.

The union noted that aside from the move being an extra burden to taxpayers, it will be unfair to head teachers since they have undergone various courses including financial training, prior to taking up the roles.

“To help schools run better, the government should establish a policy for them to hire specialised professionals such as accountants, sports coaches and psychologists, subject to schools’ capacity to pay,” said Mr Misori.

The union is also opposing the abolition of the National Education Board (NEB) which is currently mandated under law to advise the Cabinet Secretary on education policy matters.

It notes that this will leave decision making at the discretion of the Cabinet Secretary, locking out the input of independent voices in influencing policy in the Education sector.

Kuppet wants Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha to halt the proposals before they are made law.

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